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Make a contribution to the NATS 75th Anniversary Fund in support of the NSA Awards

We invite you to share in the pride that we as NATS teachers take in our talented voice students. When you contribute to the NATS 75th Anniversary Fund, you have the opportunity to make a direct impact in rewarding our students' accomplishments. 

When you donate online, you have the option of making an unrestricted general gift to the 75th Anniversary Fund. This option is displayed as "75th Anniversary Fund - Unrestricted Gift" and appears first.

If you would like to designate your gift to the National Student Auditions Awards (NSA Awards), scroll down the page and select the option "Designated Gift for funding NMTC OR NSA Awards." Then, under "Established Funds" select "NATIONAL STUDENT AUDITIONS."

We welcome your gift at a level that is feasible to you. Click the link below to get started.

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THANK YOU for your generous donations toward the
National Student Audition Awards

2019 Donors

Interlochen Center for the Arts is proud to offer each NATS winner with a scholarship.  
High School Music Theater Men/High School Music Theater Women
High School Men/High School Women

First Prize Scholarship: $10,000
Second Prize Scholarship: $7,500
Third Prize Scholarship: $5,000
Half tuition scholarship to camp for each winner

Kentucky Chapter, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder

Mid-Atlantic Region
2nd prize: Upper College Music Theater Men/Upper College Music Theater Women

New York Chapter

North Carolina Chapter, in Honor of Barbara Peters and Sally Thomas
2nd Prize: Lower College/Independent Studio Men


2018 Donors

Diana Allan

Nancy Bos

Karen Brunssen - in honor of Linda J. Snyder

Carol L Chapman

Cindy Dewey

Alison Feldt

Angela Holder

Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk

Daniel Johnson-Wilmot

Julie Krugman

Lori McCann

Lloyd Mims

NATS North Central Region

Kathleen Otterson

Barbara Peters

Reginald Pittman

Linda J. Snyder

Randall Umstead

Julie Anne Wieck

2017 Individual Donors and NATS Affiliates

Nancy Bos

Ginger Beazley - In honor of Virginia Zeani, mentor and friend

Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts - Sharon and Richard Szymanski, owners

Michelle Markwart Deveaux, faithculturekiss Studio for Voice & Acting - In honor of the retirement of the extraordinary Pamela Hicks

Kathryn Proctor Duax - In honor of my voice teachers Harold Stark and Bruce Lunkley

Kathy Henkel, composer - Sign of the Silver Birch Music

Jana Holzmeier

Linda J. Snyder - In honor of Frances Crawford Graham

2017 NATS Regions and Chapters

Cal-Western Region

California Capital Chapter

Eastern Region

Former Grand Canyon Chapter

Greater Houston Chapter

Kansas City Chapter - In memory of Norman Paige

Lehigh Valley Chapter

Los Angeles Chapter - In honor of Violet Mesrop from Los Angeles Chapter

Maryland/D.C. Chapter - In honor of Myra Tate, Past President and District Governor

Mid-Atlantic Region

Mid-South Region

NYC Chapter - In loving memory of long-time Board member Marni Nixon

San Diego Chapter - In memory of Ms. Pauline Tweed

Southern Region - In honor of Dorothy Sawatski and in honor of Jacob Watson, former Southern Region Governor's Award winner, Broadway performer, and first-ever winner of the NATS National Music Theater Competition