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Student Auditions and Adjudications

Former NATS President Roy Delp believed that “the idea of constructive criticism along with encouragement” is at the heart of our student adjudications. "Perhaps one of the greatest ties that binds us together as NATS members is the care we have for the students of our colleagues, as demonstrated at our student auditions.” (Journal of Singing, 2000, Vol.57, No.1 p.2)

Each year NATS' chapters and regions host Student Adjudications (also referred to as Student Auditions), an exciting experience where singers perform and receive written feedback about their performances. At these events singers meet and hear other singers, NATS teachers get to know their colleagues better, and everyone has the chance to hear a variety of songs.

Typically the event begins with a preliminary round, in which students sing only for a panel of adjudicators and perhaps a small audience. Finalists in the adjudications usually perform again for everyone present, and many chapters and regions offer prizes for their winners.

NATS Student Adjudications should not be confused with the NATS Artist Award competition; the NATSAA competition is designed for singers getting ready to launch a professional career, while the Student Adjudications are designed to nurture singers at various levels of voice study.

Advancing the music of women composers

The NATS Advocacy Committee, with the support of the NSA Committee and NATS leadership, is supporting an endeavor to promote diversity in repertoire selection by choosing a different theme biennially. The committee's first initiative will be music by women composers. We want to encourage the membership to program music by women during the competition and recital seasons. READ MORE

Who may sing at the adjudications?

In order to sing for NATS adjudication, you must study with a current member of NATS. The level of adjudication you are eligible to sing at typically is decided by the amount of time you have studied voice, or by your age or year in school; the rules differ slightly depending on where you live.

When are the adjudications and what are the rules?

Each chapter or region sets their own schedule; most of these adjudications are listed on our Regional Events listing. Regions also set their own specific regulations for adjudications based on the regulations issued by the national organization. If you study with a NATS teacher, he or she can obtain information and application materials from their local NATS Chapter or Region.

NATS Teachers: We do not keep local or regional student adjudications or auditions forms here at the national site. Please contact your chapter or regional representative for applications, forms, and regulations.

Tools for chapters to use for scheduling auditions

New Auditions Registration System

Beginning with the fall 2017 student auditions, NATS has launched a new online Auditions Registration and Scheduling System. This online partnership has been established with our good friend Bradley Mills of Auditionware. Over the past few years, many audition coordinators have been working successfully with Brad to serve the expanding needs of our chapters. For those who have used Auditionware before, you will find the same features you’ve been using, as well as enhanced features in the new system. 

The National Association of Teachers of Singing National Office administers the National Student Auditions, however all coordination of local Student Auditions is provided at the chapter and regional level.

First and foremost, chapter and region online audition scheduling must be set up by the local auditions coordinator with Auditionware. If you are an auditions coordinator and have questions regarding setting up your online auditions, please contact .

If you are a teacher and have questions on scheduling auditions for your students, please contact the audition coordinator from your chapter or region. If you do not know who serves as your auditions coordinator, please contact your chapter president (Click HERE for Region and Chapter contact information.) Once you have been notified by your chapter that your audition scheduling system is up and running, you can access the system through your member home page on Audition registration will be available within 24 hours after your chapter dues payment has been made.

DOWNLOAD instructions: Accessing the NATS Audition Registration System

Audition Registration Tips: Helpful tips for Audition Coordinators with regard to communicating your deadlines, planning your registration opening and closing dates, and submitting an audition event to the calendar.