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NATS Collaborative Pianists Membership

collab_piano_NATS_D1_0682.jpgThe work of collaborative pianists is one of the foundations of vocal music:  from operatic, to theatrical, contemporary and art song  repertoire, collaborative piano is to voice as text is to song.

The National Association of Teachers of Singing realizes that
we are stronger when we work together.  For many years, NATS has honored the bond between vocalist and pianist by extending membership to collaborative pianists.  Now more than ever before, NATS is creating a place where collaborative pianists can learn, grow, and find community with each other.

Why should YOU join NATS?

Membership in NATS allows you to strengthen your network, learn from colleagues, and support your professional development.


  • Unlock the collective power of NATS’ international network of professionals; a group devoted to inquiry, learning, and collaboration. Collaborative piano membership in NATS is steadily growing, meaning that collaborative pianists can find a community among their own ilk, and also make meaningful, long-lasting contacts with voice teachers and professionals.


  • Access new and archived issues of the Journal of Singing, which includes the recently inaugurated Collab Corner feature, edited by one of the foremost collaborative pianists of this generation, Margo Garrett.
  • Attend conferences at the regional and national levels to engage in presentations on a variety of topics, and to network in person.
  • Access to members-only sections of the NATS website, which includes Vocapedia, news clips for the singing profession, and archival conference footage. Resources are always expanding to include more and more pertinent topics for collaborative pianists.


  • Apply for the prestigious NATS Intern Program, which was expanded in 2017 to include Collaborative Pianist applicants and a Collaborative Piano master teacher.
  • Sign up for notifications about relevant job postings in your area.

What YOU can do for NATS

  • Help NATS do for collaborative pianists what it has done for teachers of singing for so long: establish and strengthen our network and our common goals.
  • LEAD! Join a committee at the district, regional, or national level and shape the future of this organization.
  • Foster the next generation of collaborative pianists.
  • Help to equip voice teachers with tools to work successfully with collaborative pianists. Continue the dialogue and momentum about cooperative work.

Joining NATS is simple!

  • By joining NATS your annual membership cycle is the same for all members, running Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year.

  • Your prominence in the field allows NATS to waive the requirement to submit a complete resume with your application.  Instead you are able to simply attach your bio where it asks for a resume upload.

Learn more about NATS membership - Or Join Now

Sample NATS Resources for Collaborative Pianists

Access the following sessions from the 53rd NATS National Conference in Boston, which was held in July 2014. 

CollabPanel_capture.jpgClick here to view

Collaborative Pianist Panel Discussion
Join these three prominent collaborative pianists as they share with us appropriate ways for voice teachers to mentor talented piano majors who show potential as coaches. As NATS welcomes more collaborative pianists as members how can coaches relate and grow from the experience of being co-members with singing teachers? 

Collab_Coaching_Video_Capture.jpgClick here to view

Collaborative Coaching
Join Margo Garrett as she works with a singer/pianist team in this interactive coaching session and see how a master coach works with both singer and accompanist to develop their individual and collective performance. Audience involvement in the process will be encouraged and time for questions and answers will be provided.

Click here to view

Master Class with Margo Garrett
One of the country's leading collaborative artists and teachers of the art of collaboration between singer and pianist, Margo Garrett will work with three singers on art song literature addressing relevant issues and seeking to fully reveal the composers intentions and elicit compelling performances.