NATS Membership for Collaborative Pianists

natsbrodway2014-135BB.jpgThe National Association of Teachers of Singing is promoting membership to the collaborative pianist community. Take a moment to read an open letter from NATS member Margo Garrett below and then view the video resources presented at the NATS National Conference in Boston. Three sessions were dedicated to this important vocation that forms the backbone of song and the work NATS members do as teachers.

Additional program tracks for collaborative pianists were held at NATS events including National Workshops in Indianapolis (2016) and Boulder (2017), the 2016 National Conference in Chicago, and the 2017 NATS Intern Program. 

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A Message From NATS Member Margo Garrett

Garrett_WEB_175px.jpgThis past summer, Donna Loewy and Elvia Pucinelli and I were most pleased to be asked by the National Association of Teachers of Singing to integrate the work of our collaborative pianist colleagues more fully into the organization with our multiple presentations at the 53rd National Conference in Boston (see videos below!).

Although NATS has long admitted collaborative pianists and coaches into membership and currently counts approximately 50 collaborative pianists among its membership, this summer’s events marked the beginning of our efforts to continually create dedicated professional development opportunities within NATS specifically for collaborative pianists as well as build a stronger community among all those who work with singers to develop their abilities to the fullest extent.  Our conversations this summer have brought about some exciting possibilities for the future and we want to invite you to help us shape those future efforts by joining us.

Just a few of the thoughts discussed and presented included:

  • Adding a column on collaborative piano to the well-respected Journal of Singing and other publications. (Thee new JOS column will begin with the September/October 2015 issue)
  • Creating NATS workshop and conference tracks on relevant topics. (The NATS January 2016 Winter Workshop in Indianapolis will have a strong collaborative focus)
  • Integrating the work of a collaborative pianist master teacher into the acclaimed NATS Intern Program
  • Demystifying the lore about what really happens in a vocal coaching
  • Building strong teams among voice teachers and collaborative pianists in the academic as well as independent studio environment
  • Educating voice teachers on how to identify, support, and encourage budding “collabs” among the pianists they see in their studios
  • Building a strong supportive home for the community of collaborative pianists
  • Creating a NATS advisory committee on collaborative issues to develop, promote and execute ideas in this area
  • Developing awards and other recognitions for collaborative artists
  • Revising language in NATS publications and electronic media to highlight collaborative pianists as members more effectively.

Considerable excitement was generated among all who were part of these conversations and leads us to reach out to you today to invite you to be part of shaping this future by joining NATS today and identifying yourself as a collaborative pianist member of NATS.  

I hope you will join me as we work together to build a stronger, more effective community among all of us who work with aspiring young vocal artists - by joining NATS.  I just did!



Joining NATS is simple!

  • By joining NATS your annual membership cycle is the same for all members, running Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year.

  • Your prominence in the field allows NATS to waive the requirement to submit a complete resume with your application.  Instead you are able to simply attach your bio where it asks for a resume upload.

  • When applying, be sure to submit your application as a Full Member Singer/Coach.

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Sample NATS Resources for Collaborative Pianists

Access the following sessions from the 53rd NATS National Conference in Boston, which was held in July 2014. 

CollabPanel_capture.jpgClick here to view

Collaborative Pianist Panel Discussion
Join these three prominent collaborative pianists as they share with us appropriate ways for voice teachers to mentor talented piano majors who show potential as coaches. As NATS welcomes more collaborative pianists as members how can coaches relate and grow from the experience of being co-members with singing teachers? 

Collab_Coaching_Video_Capture.jpgClick here to view

Collaborative Coaching
Join Margo Garrett as she works with a singer/pianist team in this interactive coaching session and see how a master coach works with both singer and accompanist to develop their individual and collective performance. Audience involvement in the process will be encouraged and time for questions and answers will be provided.

Click here to view

Master Class with Margo Garrett
One of the country's leading collaborative artists and teachers of the art of collaboration between singer and pianist, Margo Garrett will work with three singers on art song literature addressing relevant issues and seeking to fully reveal the composers intentions and elicit compelling performances.