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Journal-of-Singing.jpgJournal of Singing is the official journal of National Association of Teachers of Singing, providing current information regarding the teaching of singing as well as results of recent research in the field. A refereed journal, it serves as an historical record and is a venue for teachers of singing and other scholars to share the results of their work in areas such as history, diction, voice science, medicine, and especially voice pedagogy. Journal of Singing is published five times annually (Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb, March/April, May/June)

Richard Dale Sjoerdsma, Editor-in-Chief

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The position of associate editor in charge of the “Mindful Voice” column is open, and the editor in chief seeks qualified candidates to fill the vacancy. Interested applicants should have credentials and experience in researching cognitive psychology and motor learning, along with demonstrable research and writing skills in those disciplines. Please send letter of application, dossier, and examples of writing to the editor in chief at the address below.

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