Who can join NATS Chat discussions?

While chat discussions focus on topics of interest to NATS members, the general public is invited to participate. The atmosphere is friendly and casual, however the hosts will moderate to keep the discussion on topic.

Please observe standard "netiquette" and professional courtesy (no "flaming," profanity, or inappropriate personal comments about students or colleagues). Please report inappropriate behavior to NATS Chat host, .

Q: How do I enter the NATS Chat?
NATS Chat operates on the GoToWebinar platform. To gain an overview on how to participate, GoToWebinar has provided an informational page on registering and joining webinars.

Q: Can I participate with any computer?
A: You can easily attend a NATS Chat session from anywhere, anytime using a compatible computer or mobile device. GoToWebinar is compatible with Windows and Mac, but you will have best results with a high-speed internet connection. For complete details on system requirements and more, click to the GoToWebinar page on registering and joining webinars.

Q: If I miss a chat, can I watch the replay? 
A: Yes. You will receive an automated email from GoToWebinar with a link to the recording. Recordings and past transcripts are always available on our NATS Chat archive page. Nothing can replace being part of a live nationwide discussion, however, so make every effort to join us!

Q: How many people attend the chats?
A: It varies according to topic and season, but attendance may range from 50-100 chatters. 

Q: Can I suggest topics for future chats?
A: Absolutely! Send your ideas for topics and guests to NATS Chat host, .

Q: Do you ever have chats at different times or days, other than Sunday nights?
A: Sometimes. We have tried other days/times. Sunday nights are a good time to catch people at home on their computers, outside of the hectic work week. It's late for East Coast chatters, but we can't really start much earlier for the West coast chatters.

Q: Are all of the chatters from the United States?
A: Actually, the participation is international. There are several regular chatters from Canada and we are occasionally visited by chatters from Europe and South America joining us in the wee hours of the morning in their time zones.

Q: Do you just talk about classical voice?
A: We discuss many topics related to voice and a variety of genres. Past topics have included vocal health, voice science, CCM genres, acoustics, microphone technique, Skype lessons, YAP programs, audition recordings, building a voice studio business and much more. Guests have included jazz singers, Broadway singers, contemporary commercial artists, etc.

Q: Are the chats mainly for college voice faculty?
A: Chats are for both the private studio and academic teachers.

If you have more questions, please email NATS Chat host, .