Code of Ethics 

This Code of Ethics is established by NATS in order that its members may understand more clearly their ethical duties and obligations to their students, other teachers, and the general public, as well as to promote cooperation and good fellowship among the members.

Antitrust Compliance

The National Association of Teachers of Singing agreed to change its Code of Ethics and will not adopt, encourage its members to follow, or endorse any Code of Ethics provision relating to solictation of teaching work that does not comply with the FTC Consent Order.

NATS Antitrust Settlement Cover Letter

Revised Code of Ethics

FTC Settlement Statement

FTC Press Release

FTC Consent Order

FTC Compliance Forms

As a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission Decision and Order signed by NATS, each affiliated chapter, as a condition of continued affiliation with NATS, must execute and return a Certification Form to NATS.

FTC Certification Form

Questions regarding this information or how to file an ethics complaint should be directed to executive director Allen Henderson at