Membership Renewal

National Association of Teachers of Singing members pay dues annually. The dues cycle is the same for all members, running Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year.

Dues: $129 per year

The membership renewal period begins in October, with dues payments for the coming year due by Jan. 1. After Feb. 1 a $10 late fee applies to all renewals. Members who do not renew their membership by March 1 will be deactivated and benefits are terminated. If you renew after March 1 but before October 1, you will be charged a $20 renewal fee. Between October 1 and December 31, renewals will be $50, but your membership will go down as active without a break in service. If you renew more than 12 months past your expiration date, the reactivation fee is $20, and your membership will show you were inactive for one year or more.

The renewal process is simple, with three easy options available to members:

1. Renew Online

Visit the Member Home area and log in using your username. A button on the home screen will guide you through the online renewal process and allow for easy payment via credit card (Visa or MasterCard) OR check.

2. Renew by Phone

Call the NATS Executive Office at 904-992-9101 and provide your credit card payment by phone (Visa or MasterCard), in addition to any personal information that should be updated in your profile.  

3. Renew by Mail

Members receive multiple renewal reminders via email starting in October. An invoice will be mailed to active members by October 1st. Return the invoice by mail with your check in US dollars to the NATS Executive Office.

To renew online and pay by check, start by going to the Member Home and click on the renew now button, select "Pay by Check," print your renewal statement from the website and mail the statement with your payment to the NATS Executive Office.

Mailing address: 9957 Moorings Dr., Suite 401, Jacksonville, FL 32257

For more information about the renewal process, contact Amandia Carnahan, NATS Membership Services Coordinator, at  or call 904-992-9101. 


If you renew more than 12 months past your expiration date, the reactivation fee is $20, and your membership will show that you were inactive for a year or more.

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