YouTube Round Videos:
National Musical Theatre Competition

Each eligible contestant will receive an email with instructions regarding the submission of videos. If you are planning to submit for the online round you must complete your application by the published deadline date, but you will have approx. 30 days after the deadline date to upload your audition videos - see exact dates published online.

  1. Singers SHOULD NOT prepare and/or upload their videos in advance of receiving the email notifying you that your repertoire has been approved.
  2. Please note that you must select either "Unlisted" or "Public" in the Privacy settings found under the broadcasting and Sharing Options section when uploading your video file to YouTube. If you select "Private" your submission will be invalid.
  3. ALL video links must be uploaded in the same order that your repertoire is listed on your application.
  4. Please double-check the links you provide.
  5. The video must clearly show your face. A frozen camera position throughout, showing your face and most of your body, is preferable.
  6. Singers are required to sing their selections from memory on the competition video entries. If a singer's performance is not memorized, the entry will be disqualified.
  7. You must sing with a live pianist in your video entry. Note that the quality of the pianist’s playing can affect not only your singing, but also the judging. Sheet music with many hand-written notes or instructions may be difficult for a pianist to read and may give a bad impression. The video should be in the spirit of a recital or audition. It may be shot in a home, school, church, synagogue, recital hall, or some other appropriate location, with or without an audience. Please take into account the acoustics of the room. A small room with dead acoustics will not flatter a voice. We encourage you to dress appropriately, as you would for a recital or an audition.
  8. Collaborative pianists are forbidden to use photocopies. Pianists accompanying singers must play from original and legal publications. Entries with visible photocopies will be automatically disqualified. Photocopying music is illegal. The purchase of a publication does not grant the right to photocopy for rehearsal or performance with a pianist. The use of LEGALLY downloaded and purchased copies in compliance with the NATS Copyright Policy is allowed.  It is assumed that all singers were in compliance with the policy at the time of their region audition and videos should be made as if singers are at a live NATS audition.

Singers are responsible for the collaborative pianist's compliance with this strict rule. We cannot make any exceptions. Pianists must play from original publications, whether this is their preference or not. There is no other choice for this competition. We urge the use of page turners as necessary.