History of NATS

The 2020s

President Carole Blankenship 2020-2022 Carole Blankenship

  • First Virtual Conference June/July 2020
  • Continuation of Strategic Plan under the leadership of President Elect, Diana Allan
  • Hiring of the first full-time Development Director, Bob Bryan
  • Hiring of Beth Buchanan, Marketing and Communications Manager.
  • Established the NATS Impact Award given to Allen Henderson in 2022
  • 2022 approval of NSA categories and funding for categories for 1) Children and Youth and 2) Commercial Music
  • 2022 established the International Region of NATS
    • Chapters formed in Hong Kong and South Korea
  • NATS Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce Fall of 2020
  • 2022 initiatives with consultants in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism resulting in the NATS I.D.E.A. Toolkit with two training modules
  • The NATS Foundation merged with NATS February 2022 becoming the NATS Heritage Fund as part of the NATS Endowment and Named Funds
  • 2022 Resolution naming Richard Sjoerdsma Editor-in Chief Emeritus of Journal of Singing