YouTube Round

Video Recording Instructions:
Regional and National Student Auditions

Recording Location

You should record your video in the spirit of a live audition or recital performance. You may record in a home, school, church, synagogue, recital hall, rehearsal room, or voice studio with good natural acoustics with or without an audience. You should dress professionally, as you would for a recital or live audition.

Recording Instructions


  • You should record a separate unedited video for each selection on your repertoire list.
  • Your camera should record from a fixed position as if three adjudicators were seated in front of you.
  • You should face straight forward to the camera as you would appear to adjudicators in a live audition.
  • Your video recordings must clearly show your face and most of your upper body.


  • You must sing with a live accompanist, who is not your teacher, in your video entries.
  • If the room is too small to show both you and your accompanist at the same time, pan the camera before you perform to show your accompanist in one of your video selections.
  • Accompanists must play from legal publications that are compliant with the NATS Copyright Policy.
  • The accompanist may use a page turner who is not the singer’s teacher.


  • Introduce each selection at the beginning of the video. I will sing—Title of Composition---by—Composer—and if appropriate—from---Title of Work. The identity of your teacher, school and region should not be revealed.
  • You must perform each of your selections from memory on your recording.

Preparing the YouTube Video


  • Please note that you must select "public" or "unlisted" in the Privacy settings found under the broadcasting and Sharing Options section when uploading your video file to YouTube.
  • If you select "private," adjudicators will not be able to access your submission(s).


  • In the application, provide the web link/address for each video that corresponds to the appropriate repertoire selection – either 3, 4, or 5 total selections, depending on your national or regional category.
  • Please double check the links you provide for each video before submitting your application.

Invalid Videos

The following video problems would make them invalid.

  • Videos revealing the teacher’s identity, the region of the singer, or the school they attend.
  • Videos with “private’ sharing options (see above).
  • Videos that pan and zoom during performances.
  • Videos using additional recording equipment other than the camera.
  • Videos that are digitally altered.