NATS National Committee Assignments and Appointments



Karen Brunssen, President
Linda J. Snyder, Past President
Carole Blankenship, President Elect
Alison Feldt, Vice President for Outreach
Nancy Bos, Vice President for Membership
Diana Allan, Vice President for Auditions
Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk, Vice President for Workshops
Jason Lester, Secretary/Treasurer
Allen Henderson, Executive Director (ex-officio)

The Executive Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board and shall assume powers and duties as deemed necessary and delegated to it by the Board, to which it shall be responsible. In particular, the committee conducts performance evaluations of the executive director, administers the awards program, and reviews progress on board goals and objectives. A sub-committee makes recommendations for budget planning, reviews recommendations regarding organizational structure and staff, and approves the agenda for board meetings.


Linda J. Snyder, Past President, Chair
Lorna MacDonald
Lloyd Mims
Scott McCoy
Kathleen Otterson

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the nomination of persons to fill the offices of President–Elect, Vice Presidents, and Secretary/Treasurer. The committee will also propose a procedure for the nominating process, to include identifying key qualifications for the duties of certain offices, and an interview model.


Nancy Bos, VP Membership, Chair
Carole Blankenship, President Elect
Alexis B. Davis (AZ)
Ayumi Nakamae (NC)
James Rodriquez (TX)
Tanya Kruse Ruck (WI)
Ellie Seligmann (CO)
Nicholas Shaneyfelt (IA)
Richard Weidlich (CT)
Patricia Weis (WI)

By-Laws: “The Membership Committee shall assist the Vice President in membership promotion, recruitment, and retention, and be available to advise the Vice President for Membership and Executive Office on applications for membership.”

The Membership Committee will work to promote, recruit, and retain members, by evaluating current practice, exploring new ideas, and recommending future goals. In particular, they will work with chapter officers, encouraging them to sponsor activities that attract new members, and gather information at the “grass roots” level to address successes and issues related to membership.

Current goals include (1) recruiting and serving more independent teachers and collaborative pianists, (2) encouraging voice teachers in every college/university to join, (3) following up on those members who have been NATS Interns, Emerging Leaders, or Boytim Independent Teacher Awardees, (4) developing ways to increase and ensure a diverse membership, (5) fulfilling the “NATS for a Lifetime” and “Singing for a Lifetime” themes, including featured stories of long-time members, (6) developing strategies to involve NATS members who join as national members and do not join Chapters, more directly in NATS activities and fellowship, (7) to survey NATS entities about best practices for recruitment and retention of NATS members, 8) to implement the new Student Membership in conjunction with the Vice President for Outreach and the Student NATS Chapters.


Robert Edwin, Chair
Robert Dundas
Jason Lester, Secretary/Treasurer (ex-officio)
Allen Henderson, Executive Director

The committee is responsible for studying and recommending the investment of surplus funds and advising on the condition of funds in trust.


Kenneth Bozeman, Chair
Richard Sjoerdsma, Editor
Andrew Adams
Stephen Austin
Debra Greschner
Lynn Helding
Judith Nicosia
John Nix
Sherri Weiler

The Editorial Board conducts peer review and assists the Editor in all matters pertinent to the publication of the Journal.


Jennifer Trost, Chair
Sarah Holman
Karen Brunssen, President
Linda J. Snyder, Past President

The responsibilities of the Ethics Committee shall be the resolution of alleged violations of the Code of Ethics, and resolution of cases involving a Member’s conduct alleged to be detrimental to the welfare and best interests of the Association.



Diana Allan, VP Auditions, Chair and NATSAA Liaison
Frank Ragsdale, National Music Theater Competition Liaison
Dan Johnson-Wilmot, National Student Auditions Liaison
Allen Henderson, Executive Director

The Auditions and Competitions Committee will oversee each of the programs above. The liaisons may assemble groups of members to help carry out the duties of the particular audition or competition.


David Meyer, Chair
John Nix, Co-Chair
James Doing
Lynn Helding
Ian Howell (Vocapedia monitor)
Aaron Johnson
Wendy LeBorgne (Health and Wellness)
Scott McCoy
Deirdre D. Michael
David Okerlund
Robert Sataloff
Leda Scearce
Ron Scherer

Emeritus members:
Ingo Titze
Thomas Cleveland
Steve Austin

Recognizing that the science of sound production has important historical and current foundational
meaning to the pedagogy of singing training and the healthy and artistic expression of singing performance,
the charge of the Voice Science Advisory Committee is to promote and disseminate voice science and
related information through NATS resources to the membership of NATS. Project areas include but are
not limited to:

1. Education: Vocapedia – to provide vetted educational and historical materials on the science of voice
production and vocal health via a secure website
2. Research: to encourage and facilitate research on the singing voice through referral to experts and
information on research design, funding, and publication
3. Recognition: to recommend awards related to voice science and vocal health to individuals and
organizations, including collaborative recognition with other voice associations (e.g., The Voice
Foundation, ASHA, PAVA, VASTA)


Kari Ragan, Chair
Carole Blankenship, NATS President-Elect
Karen Brunssen, NATS President
Michelle Markwart Deveaux, NATS California Capital Chapter President
Laura Fike, SFS Principal Consultant
Allen Henderson, NATS Executive Director
Brian Horne, NATS Foundation President
Aaron Johnson
Jason Lester, NATS Treasurer
Lorna MacDonald
Shelley Outlaw, SFS Associate Consultant
Scott Piper
Frank Ragsdale
Linda J. Snyder, NATS Immediate Past-President
Valerie Trujillo

The Advancement Committee was appointed to embark on an ambitious strategic planning process and fundraising initiative. With guidance from Strategic Funding Solutions (SFS), LLC, these new initiatives are centered on celebrating the 75th birthday of NATS. The committee is meeting and making plans for the first financial initiative for the benefit of NATS' future and in honor of our 75th Anniversary.


Loraine Sims, Chair
Gregory Brookes
Jill Terhaar Lewis
Isai Jess Muñoz
Stephen Ng
Marcia Porter
Linda Snyder
Darryl Taylor

The Advocacy Committee shall work in the best interests of NATS for advocacy of: music/singing in education, diversity and inclusion in NATS activities and in the larger musical/singing community, and arts advocacy in government, businesses, and communities.


Dean Southern, Chair
Marvin Keenze – International ICVT Coordinator
Carole Blankenship
Ryu-Kyung Kim
Lori McCann 
Jonathan Retzlaff
Scott Swope

The International Advisory Committee will work together to encourage mutually beneficial musical and pedagogical relationships, experiences, and connectivity with established international voice associations, other voice-oriented organizations, their members, and others.


Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, Chair
Theresa Brancaccio
Kathryn Ciesinski
Sarah Holman
Mark McQuade
Kathleen Otterson
Scott Piper
Cynthia Vaughn

The Mentoring Initiatives Committee will promote a spirit and culture of mentoring within NATS both on an informal ad-hoc basis and through suggested more formal ways at the Chapter, District, Region, and National levels of NATS.


Kathryn Proctor Duax

The archivist maintains and preserves official records of NATS at the designated archival center, and informs the executive director of changes needed.

The historian provides a narrative of conferences, and assists the Executive Office in collecting, describing, updating, and preserving documentary sources significant to NATS. The historian shall have access to documents and other records pertinent to the history of the Association.


Carol Mikkelsen, Chair
Lori Laitman, Advisor

The NATS Art Song Composition Award Committee solicits original vocal compositions, and organizes the selection of the winning compositions, the annual First Place Winners being performed at the National Conference. The committee shall make all necessary arrangements in coordination with the executive director and the next (2020) Conference Planning Committee.


Linda J. Snyder, Past President, Director of Intern Program, Chair
Brian Horne, NATS Foundation President
Karen Brunssen, President


Karen Brunssen, NATS President
Linda Snyder, NATS Past President
Carole Blankenship, NATS President-Elect

Margie Stephens, Program Co-Chair
Angela Holder, Program Co-Chair (In Memoriam)
Wendy Mullen, Coordinating Committee Chair
Diana Allan, NATS Vice President for Auditions
Dan Johnson-Wilmot, National Student Auditions Coordinator
Jeffrey Williams, National Student Auditions Local Assistant Coordinator
Chadley Ballantyne, Registration Coordinator
Amy Jarman, Guest Artist Coordinator
Andrea Dismukes, Singers/Pianists Coordinator
Mark Kano, Volunteer Coordinator
Joshua Zink, Stage Management for Plenary Sessions
Rita Larkin, Volunteer-at-Large
Sue Chapo, Volunteer-at-Large
Clark Measesls, Volunteer-at-Large
Nicholas Perna, Poster Paper Sessions Coordinator

Allen Henderson, NATS Executive Director
Deborah Guess, NATS Director of Operations
Mark McQuade, NATS Competitions and Auditions Coordinator
Mandy Ruddock, NATS Special Events/Conference Assistant


Margie Stephens, Program Co-Chair
Angela Holder, Program Co-Chair (In Memoriam)
Karen Brunssen, President
Carole Blankenship, President Elect
Richard Sjoerdsma, Editor, Journal of Singing
Allen Henderson, Executive Director