So You Want to Sing Spirituals: A Guide for Performers


Chapters 4-7  Chapter 8  Chapters 9-11  Chapters 12-14 - Appendices

Chapter 1 – What Are Spirituals?

Chapter 2 – From Cotton Field to Concert Hall

Chapter 3 – Pioneers of the Concert Spiritual

Chapter 4 – Song Literature

Chapter 5 – Using Dialect in Performance

Chapter 6 – Must You Be Black to Sing Spirituals?

Chapter 7 – Collaborating with Pianists (Casey Robards)

Chapter 8 – African American Art Song (Emery Stephens & Caroline Helton)

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Chapter 9 – Black Spiritual Art Song: Interpretive Guidelines (Barbara Steinhaus)

Chapter 10 – Choral Arrangements of Spirituals  (Patricia J. Trice)

Chapter 11 – Spirituals: America’s Contribution to World Sacred Music (Tim Sharpe)

Chapter 12 – Gaining Perspective: A Linguistic Approach to Dialect (Felicia Barber)

Chapter 13 – Singing and Voice Science (Scott McCoy)

Chapter 14 – Vocal Health for Singers (Wendy LeBorgne)

Appendices – Relevant Resources