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So You Want to Sing Spirituals: A Guide for Performers


Chapters 4-7  Chapter 8  Chapters 9-11  Chapters 12-14 - Appendices

Chapter 1 – What Are Spirituals?

Chapter 2 – From Cotton Field to Concert Hall

Chapter 3 – Pioneers of the Concert Spiritual

Chapter 4 – Song Literature

Chapter 5 – Using Dialect in Performance

Chapter 6 – Must You Be Black to Sing Spirituals?

Chapter 7 – Collaborating with Pianists (Casey Robards)

Chapter 8 – African American Art Song (Emery Stephens & Caroline Helton)

Web Resources:

Library Collections (archival photocopies of compositions by African Americans):

Purchasing Music:

African American Classical Music Resources:

Chapter-Related Topics:


Chapter 9 – Black Spiritual Art Song: Interpretive Guidelines (Barbara Steinhaus)

Chapter 10 – Choral Arrangements of Spirituals  (Patricia J. Trice)

Chapter 11 – Spirituals: America’s Contribution to World Sacred Music (Tim Sharpe)

Chapter 12 – Gaining Perspective: A Linguistic Approach to Dialect (Felicia Barber)

Chapter 13 – Singing and Voice Science (Scott McCoy)

Chapter 14 – Vocal Health for Singers (Wendy LeBorgne)

Appendices – Relevant Resources

Appendix 1 - Recommended Recordings
A selection of recordings recommended for those beginning a collection of concert spirituals for solo voice.

Appendix 2 - Concert Spiritual Singers and Their Recordings
A sample of singers, arranged by voice type, and their recordings of concert spirituals.

Appendix 3 - Spirituals in Musical Anthologies
Lists availability of spiritual music scores: print publishers, online databases and publishers, self-publishing composers, online resellers, as well as selected musical scores, including compilations containing concert spirituals for solo voice.

Appendix 4 - Song Literature Classification
Concert spirituals classified by category with scriptural reference(s) and entry in musical anthologies.

Appendix 5 - Relevant Resources
Resources specifically about Negro spirituals or that reference performers, composers or other information related to spirituals

Appendix 6 - African-American Art Songs Resource List
Print and online resources related to African-American art songs

Appendix 7 - Composers Brief Biographies
Lists short biographies – with score and recordings information – of composers of concert spirituals for solo voice.

Appendix 8 - Art Songs by African American Composers in Musical Anthologies
Lists availability of art songs by African American composers and selected musical scores and compilations.

Appendix 9 - Spirituals in Choral Music Anthologies
Lists availability of concert spirituals in compilations for choral ensembles: mixed voices, women’s voices, men’s voices, and children’s voices, as well as unison, two-part, equal, or unspecified voices vocal forces.

Expanded General Index
An expanded index for So You Want to Sing Spirituals that includes contents from both the print book and the online appendices.

Song Index
A song index for So You Want to Sing Spirituals, which includes contents from both the print book and the online appendices.