NATS National Mentoring Collaborative

The NATS National Mentoring Collaborative (NNMC) was launched in Fall 2019.  It is our continued intent to foster learning for our teachers by offering this collaborative approach to mentoring.  This is an opportunity to improve your skills, collaborate with new people, and consider new strategies. We will focus on creating an interactive and inclusive environment with three components including:

  • Two one-hour sessions with a mentor of your choice (see list and links below)
  • Two shared videos of your teaching with your mentor teacher.
  • A collaborative session with all currently enrolled mentees to discuss points of interest.

The deadline for the spring session for mentee applications is March 1 with enrollment dates from March 1-May 15th. Fall dates will have an application deadline of October 1st with enrollment dates October 15-December 15th.  

Those interested in being mentored are able to choose from a list of Mentor Teachers to aid in developing their own teaching pedagogy. The program also includes collaborative piano. The fee for Mentees is $150, from which a stipend will be paid to Mentor Teachers. (CLICK HERE for an informational video.)

The Art of Teaching is a complex topic involving content knowledge, communication and organization skill, and curiosity about how people learn. Given the variability in both singing pedagogy and how people acquire knowledge, a teacher needs a wide repertoire of strategies to address his/her students. NATS believes strongly in the role of mentoring our teachers and, as such, this initiative begins!


NATS National Mentoring Collaborative - MENTEE APPLICATION



Here are what people are saying about the NNMC:

“Great experience - Super helpful – just what I needed – always open for further conversations and questions…”

“Great time – looked over my résumé and cover letter and offered suggestions…”

“I so enjoyed the conversations – a personal approach to our discussions…”

“Receive validation, new perspectives and advice…”

“Brought new ideas into my studio, connected dots and ignited my own singing…”

Possible ideas for mentoring:

  • Voice Pedagogy
    • Classical
    • Music Theater
    • Other CCM genres
    • Cross-training among genres
    • Strategies for particular age groups
  • Improve impact of voice teaching
    • Instruction content within each lesson
    • Repertoire
      • Classical
      • CCM
  • Advancement
    • Independent teacher
    • School, university, college teacher
    • Creative Activities
      • Research and Writing
      • Presenting
      • Performing
  • Business and organization skills
    • Taxes
    • Marketing
    • Opening a studio
    • Website
    • Conflict and legal issues
  • Navigating the NATS organization including website info, adjudication, and general participation
  • Other professional organizations

NATS National Mentoring Collaborative Committee and Mentor Teachers

Click on name to view the mentor's bio.

Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, Chair
Alfonse Anderson
Elizabeth Packard Arnold
Priscilla Annette Bagley 
Carole Blankenship
Theresa Brancaccio 
Dana Brown (Collaborative Piano)
Karen Brunssen
Katherine Ciesinski
Robin Cotton-Cobb
Marcus DeLoach
Lynn Eustis
Joseph Evans
Robyn Frey-Monell
Sarah Holman 
Errik M. Hood 
Lori McCann
Everett McCorvey
Catherine McDaniel 
Mark McQuade
Justin Moniz
Corinne Ness
John Nix
Nicholas K. Perna
Amy Pfrimmer 
Scott Piper 
Marcia Porter
Christianne Roll
Loraine Sims
Julie Simson
Norman Spivey
Lee Strawn
Mary Stucky
Louise Toppin
Leigh Usilton 
Cynthia Vaughn 
Edrie Means Weekly