NATS National Mentoring Initiative

The NATS National Mentoring Initiative (NNMI) will be launched in fall 2019 as the first national mentoring opportunity! Deadline for mentee applications has been extended to October 1 and the first session will be from October 15-December 15. Application to participate as a mentor is currently closed.

It is our intent to foster continued learning for our teachers by offering this collaborative approach to mentoring. Young apprentice teachers will have an opportunity to observe Mentor Teachers and develop their own teaching pedagogy. The program also includes collaborative piano. Observations will include both a Mentor Teacher and a peer teacher and, additionally, two video feedback sessions with the Mentor. Additional online collaborative sessions will be offered to all participants. Experienced teachers are invited to apply as Mentor Teachers. The fee for Mentees is $250, from which a stipend will be paid to Mentor Teachers. (Informational video coming soon!)

The Art of Teaching is a complex topic involving content knowledge, communication and organization skill, and a curiosity into how people learn. Given the variability in both singing pedagogy and how people acquire knowledge, a teacher needs a wide repertoire of strategies to address his/her students. NATS believes strongly in the role of mentoring our teachers and, as such, this initiative begins!


NATS National Mentoring Initiative - MENTEE APPLICATION

Application to participate as a mentor is currently closed.

Possible ideas for mentoring:

  • Voice Pedagogy
    • Classical
    • Music Theater
    • Other CCM genres
    • Cross-training among genres
    • Strategies for particular age groups
  • Improve impact of voice teaching
    • Instruction content within each lesson
    • Repertoire
      • Classical
      • CCM
  • Advancement
    • Independent teacher
    • School, university, college teacher
    • Creative Activities
      • Research and Writing
      • Presenting
      • Performing
  • Business and organization skills
    • Taxes
    • Marketing
    • Opening a studio
    • Website
    • Conflict and legal issues
  • Navigating the NATS organization including website info, adjudication, and general participation
  • Other professional organizations

NATS Mentoring Initiative Committee and Mentor Teachers

Click on name to view the mentor's bio.

Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, Chair
Carole Blankenship
Theresa Brancaccio 
Dana Brown (Collaborative Piano)
Karen Brunssen
Katherine Ciesinski
Sarah Holman 
Lori McCann
Mark McQuade
Scott Piper 
Christianne Roll
Cynthia Vaughn 
Edrie Means Weekly