You've got a friend in "we." :) NATS has helped establish new affinity groups for its membership. Four groups have formed, and there are plans to establish more groups in the future based on membership interest. Members who wish to join one of the affinity groups should contact the leader(s) for more information.

Affinity Groups

  • Multi-Teacher Studio Owner Affinity Group
    • Leader: Rebecca Pieper
    • Do you own your own Multi-Teacher Studio or are you curious about it? The Multi-Teacher Studio Owner Affinity Group welcomes all members of our NATS community who own or are interested in owning their own multi-teacher studio. This is a great space for teachers to connect with others in a similar business structure and network, brainstorm, collaborate, ask questions, learn from, educate, hold accountable and cheer each other on!
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  • Black Perspectives @ NATS Affinity Group
    • Leaders: Marcía Porter and Darryl Taylor
    • Black Perspectives @ NATS is an affinity group for those who identify as members of the African diaspora. Recognizing the need for a space to share our unique experiences and encourage mentorship, the group welcomes Black singers and those in fields related to the vocal arts (voice teachers, coaches, collaborative musicians, and academicians) to engage in meaningful discussion and fellowship. Our goal is to foster collaboration, create a sense of community, as well as offer networking opportunities.
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  • Latinx/Hispanic Teachers Affinity Group
    • Leader: Lily Guerrero
    • The Latinx/Hispanic Teachers Affinity Group is for those who identify as Latinx or Hispanic and are looking for a place to create community, network, and find potential performance or research partners. This space will be an area for those who want to discuss unique facets in the lived experiences of Latinx/Hispanic teachers as well as brainstorm new ideas to share with the NATS community that celebrate and uplift our culture.
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  • Adjunct Voice Teachers Affinity Group
    • Leader: Sam Handley
    • The Adjunct Voice Teachers Affinity Group is for those teaching voice at the college level on a part-time basis. It is a supportive community to discuss the issues unique to adjunct voice teaching, including mutual respect at the workplace, commitment to students beyond compensation, and broadening our network. We look to celebrate the success of our students, our teaching, and our institutions by strengthening our common bonds.
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