NATS International Ambassadors

In the spirit of international learning and active exchange in voice pedagogy

When a NATS member travels to a foreign country where they will interact with singers, voice teachers, coaches, and other voice professionals, they may register to be a NATS International Ambassador. Ambassadors agree to graciously represent NATS as they reach out to share what NATS does, and to learn what voice experts are doing to encourage high standards and ethical principles in teaching and promoting singing through education, research, programs, auditions, adjudication, workshops, conferences, journals, and other initiatives. NATS Ambassadors file a report for the NATS International Advisory Committee (IAC) detailing where they went, who they met, and what they learned. The report is retained in IAC files, and appropriate information is added to RESOURCES on the NATS International webpage. Ambassadors may register each time they travel and report back after each trip.

NATS International Ambassador


Click here to register as a NATS International Ambassador.


1. Research NATS sister associations in the country(s) you are traveling.

2. Contact private or institutional voice teachers/experts you plan to visit. (e-mail, skype, phone, Facebook, websites.

3. Set up meeting times.

Information gathering:

1. Ask about their professional voice organization(s).

  • How many members?
  • How large is the geographical area they serve?
  • What sorts of events do they sponsor or host?
    • Conferences, Auditions/Competitions, master classes, presentations
  • Do they pay dues?
  • How are the events funded?
  • Do they have a website? Facebook page? Other social media connections?
    • If they do, please collect this information

2. Tell them about NATS - who we are and what we do

  • Describe your local chapter, district and regional events
  • National student auditions, competitions
  • National conference and summer and winter workshops

3. Send them to our webpage:

Explore teaching practices: (How are they alike or different from yours/ours in North America)

  • Discuss studio and classroom teaching approaches
    • Observe lessons, classes, student and teacher performances, etc.
  • Discuss student assessment, connection to the performing world, other career paths
  • Discuss the teaching of vocal pedagogy and voice science
  • Discuss collaborative pianist liaison and training, etc.
    • How are they funded?
  • Discuss language study


  • How can we foster more active exchange among teachers, voice experts, and singing teacher associations in different countries?
  • Do you have questions or ideas for the NATS International Advisory Committee?


  • Please write about what you learned while on this trip
  • Send information before and after your trip to
  • Consider sharing your experiences
    • An informational article for the NATS International Ambassadors webpage or Journal of Singing
    • A presentation for your chapter, district, or region.