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National Conference

The biennial NATS National Conference attracts NATS members and others from around the world to share in programs, demonstrations, lectures, master classes and competitions that help celebrate the art of singing and increase knowledge of teachers to help them better assist their students. 

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  • 2026 - San Antonio, Texas

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National Workshops

The National Association of Teachers of Singing holds workshops twice per year in non-conference years and once per year when a conference is scheduled. Below is a schedule of upcoming and recently completed workshops: 

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International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT)

In 1994, National Association of Teachers of Singing, and dozens of other voice teacher associations, entered into a Joint Venture Agreement to facilitate (by providing marketing services and managing funds) a world-wide gathering of voice teachers for master classes and sessions, very similar to the NATS national conferences, but international in scope. Every four years, ICVT is held in one of the member countries. ICVT 2013 was held in Brisbane, Australia. Learn more about ICVT. The Ninth International Congress of Voice Teachers was held in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017, hosted by the Voice Teachers of Sweden, marking ICVT's 30 anniversary since its first gathering in Strasbourg. The 10th ICVT (originally scheduled for 2021) was held later in 2002 in Vienna, Austria.


11th International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT)
Toronto, Canada
Summer 2025