National Conference

The biennial NATS National Conference attracts NATS members and others from around the world to share in programs, demonstrations, lectures, master classes and competitions that help celebrate the art of singing and increase knowledge of teachers to help them better assist their students. Due to COVID-19 the 56th NATS National Conference has been converted to a virtual event and will be held  June 24 - 30, 2020. Our switch to a virtual event is a monumental task but we are pleased to share that nearly all of the presenters scheduled to present at the live event are committed to participating in our first ever virtual conference event. All our pre-conference workshop presenters are on board and we have spaced them out so that you can attend more than one, eliminating the difficult choice of which one to attend. We will be adding access to groups of breakout sessions each day and you can watch them all or just the ones you are interested in. Thank you to all our presenters for your dedication to our profession and your willingness to meet the challenge to bring your presentations to an expanded virtual audience. Look for an email soon and additional information on our web page. In the meantime, visit our original conference page below and peruse the topics, content and presenters we have brought together for this event. Save the dates, June 24-30th, clear your calendar, and plan to join us!

Next National Conference

June 24 - 30, 2020 - Virtual Conference

June 26 - 30, 2020 - Knoxville, Tennessee - Knoxville Convention Center (Moved to Virtual Event)

Future Conference

July 2-6, 2022 - Chicago

Past Conferences

National Workshops

The National Association of Teachers of Singing holds workshops twice per year in non-conference years and once per year when a conference is scheduled. Below is a schedule of upcoming and recently completed workshops: 

Next Workshop 

  • 2021 NATS Winter Workshop (TBA)

Past Workshops



International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT)

In 1994, National Association of Teachers of Singing, and dozens of other voice teacher associations, entered into a Joint Venture Agreement to facilitate (by providing marketing services and managing funds) a world-wide gathering of voice teachers for master classes and sessions, very similar to the NATS national conferences, but international in scope. Every four years, ICVT is held in one of the member countries. ICVT 2013 was held in Brisbane, Australia. Learn more about ICVT. The Ninth International Congress of Voice Teachers was held in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017, hosted by the Voice Teachers of Sweden, marking ICVT's 30 anniversary since its first gathering in Strasbourg.



Research Surveys 

NATS supports many types of voice research.  Researchers seek to survey the profession in a variety of ways. NATS is pleased to offer members, students of members, and selected partners the opportunity to list links to various surveys being conducted by researchers.  Please do not contact the NATS office regarding information on these surveys.  Instead, contact the principal investigator provided with each listing. Participate in a survey or submit a survey for NATS members

Region and Chapter Resources

NATS Discretionary Fund

NATS discretionary funds are intended to assist NATS chapters and regions in sponsoring master classes, lectures, recitals, workshops and other activities that enrich the professional life of students and teachers. 

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Audition Scheduling Software

New Auditions Registration System
NATS has launched a new online Auditions Registration and Scheduling System, in partnership with Auditionware, to serve the expanding needs of our chapters.

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For Teachers 

NATS Intern Program

The NATS Intern Program is an exciting and innovative venture that seeks to pair experienced and recognized master teachers of voice with talented young members of NATS. Within a format designed to promote the dynamic exchange of ideas and techniques, the goal is to improve substantially the studio teaching skills of these promising young teachers.

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Emerging Leaders Awards

Emerging Leaders Awards - Designed to recognize and support NATS teachers with no more than ten years of teaching experience, this grant will help selected winners attend sessions, network with colleagues, and enjoy all the benefits available at the NATS Conference. Winners will receive up to $750 to pay for expenses for travel, housing, registration, food, and other related costs for attendance at the 56th NATS National Conference in Knoxville, June 26-30, 2020.

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Joan Frey Boytim Awards for Independent Teachers

Designed to recognize and support independent teachers who do not hold full or part-time teaching positions in a college or university, these $1,000 awards will help selected applicants attend sessions, network with colleagues, and enjoy all the benefits available at NATS National Conferences. Up to 14 fellowships will be awarded. Each award will help fund attendance at the 56th National Conference in Knoxville, June 26-30, 2020.

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Van Lawrence Fellowship

The Fellowship winner will be provided with the opportunity to attend the annual Symposium on Care of the Professional Voice and visit laryngologists, speech pathologists, voice scientists, and research centers associated with The Voice Foundation during the fellowship year, with resulting research to be considered for expedited publication in the Journal of Voice or Journal of Singing.

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Voice Pedagogy Award

The NATS Foundation awards one $500 gift annually to a candidate who is a  member of NATS, for the purpose of study at a seminar or workshop on voice pedagogy and/or voice science. 

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For Students

Student Auditions

Each year NATS' chapters and regions host Student Adjudications (also referred to as Student Auditions), an exciting experience where singers perform and receive written feedback about their performances. At these events singers meet and hear other singers, NATS teachers get to know their colleagues better, and everyone has the chance to hear a variety of songs.

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Student NATS (SNATS)

The National Association of Teachers of Singing has fostered the formation of student chapters in order to advance knowledge about the Association and the professions of teaching and singing.

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