Membership Types

NATS offers five membership types that allow for individual levels of interest in participation and needs. In general, membership is open to teachers, coaches, choral directors, collaborative pianists, performers, and industry professionals. NATS dues are based on a calendar year, January to December. Fees are prorated from July 1 -September 30. As of October 1, new members will pay full fees as your membership will be for the remainder of the current calendar year until the December of the following year.

  • Full members are generally more experienced in teaching or collaborating with vocalists and have obtained their degree. Full members may hold a national office and participate in National Student Auditions.
  • Associate members are usually just beginning their careers in coaching. They can participate in student auditions, but associate members are not allowed to hold an office at the national level.
  • Emeritus members are NATS members who have been active with NATS for more than 20 years and are over 68 years in age. They may not be as active in their profession anymore, but they still have a lot to teach the younger teachers in the profession. They can participate in student auditions and hold a national office
  • Affiliate members are members who are in a field related to teaching singing, but they are not necessarily teachers themselves. They do not hold national office and cannot participate in student auditions.
  • Student membership is for students pursuing a career in singing, teaching singing, or collaborative piano at the undergraduate or advanced university studies. As students, they are not allowed to participate in National Student Auditions or hold a national office.
  • Tiered Pricing is available. Some international members may receive adjusted dues based on the purchasing power of their currency and standard of living in their country of residence. Members from less wealthy nations pay less in dues.

All membership dues, including new members and automatic renewals, have 14 days from time of purchase to request a refund. There is a $25 USD service fee to cover costs associated with the refund. The only exception to the 14 days is for chapters. Chapter dues allow 30 days from the time of purchase to determine if the chapter purchased is the correct one.

If you have questions on which membership type would best suit your needs, please  the NATS executive offices or call 904-992-9101 weekdays between 8:30-4 p.m. ET.

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