NATS for a Lifetime

"NATS for a Lifetime" is a showcase of autobiographical articles featuring NATS members who have been active for 25 years or more in the NATS organization. Here you will meet members who have been active in NATS over the lifetime of their teaching and performing careers. They have consistently made important contributions to their NATS Chapter(s) and local communities. They demonstrate that membership in NATS and participation in Chapter, Regional, and National events has helped them and their students to develop professionally and provided opportunities for growth and service to the art of singing and teaching. They are an inspiration to those who know them and their work, and we think you should know them too!

These stories stand as a tribute to their professional achievements and contributions to their NATS chapters and to their communities. Perhaps their inspiring lives are well-known to their chapter colleagues, but are not so well-known beyond these boundaries. These articles are a means of making the general NATS membership aware of these outstanding individuals so that they may, too, find inspiration in their stories.

NATS for a Lifetime Showcase Features

Helen Ceci

Kenneth Roger Westerman

Diane M. Clark

Rebecca St. Goar

Evelyn Harris

Maria Lagios

Jon Barker

Nominate a member for the NATS for a Lifetime Showcase

NATS Chapters can nominate NATS members whose expertise and service in NATS match the standards below. Please submit their names along with an explanation of how your nominee meets the each of the nomination standards.

Nomination Standards:
• NATS members who are consistently active for 25 years or more in their Chapter/District
• NATS members well-known to their chapter colleagues, but are not as well-known beyond these boundaries
• NATS members who attribute their growth and development as a teacher and singer to their membership in NATS
• NATS members who demonstrate consistent service and leadership to their Chapter/District

Please email your "NATS for a Lifetime" nominations to National Membership Committee Member