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NATS for a Lifetime

NATS for a Lifetime: Designed to honor the work of dedicated NATS members who have been active for at least 25 years in their local chapters and districts.  Their inspiring legacies are well-known to their chapter colleagues - those who have benefited directly from their many contributions - but they are often not well-known outside their chapters.  This online showcase highlights their stories and stands as a tribute to the honorees’ professional achievement and contributions to their NATS chapter and communities. 

NATS for a Lifetime Showcase Features

Helen Ceci

Kenneth Roger Westerman

Diane M. Clark

Rebecca St. Goar

Evelyn Harris

Maria Lagios

Jon Barker

Nominate a member for the NATS for a Lifetime Showcase

NATS Chapters can nominate NATS members whose expertise and service in NATS match the standards below.

Nomination Standards:
• NATS members who are consistently active for 25 years or more in their Chapter/District
• NATS members well-known to their chapter colleagues, but are not as well-known beyond these boundaries
• NATS members who attribute their growth and development as a teacher and singer to their membership in NATS
• NATS members who demonstrate consistent service and leadership to their Chapter/District

NATS for a Lifetime Nominations (NATS member login required)