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So You Want to Sing Music by Women: A Guide for Performers


Chapters 2 & 3  Chapters 4 & 5  Chapters 6 & 7  Chapters 8, 9, & 10 

Chapter 11  Chapters 12 & 13  Appendix  Authors & Contributors

Chapter 1 – Music by Women: A Brief History

Women Composers in Western Classical Music:

Women in American Popular Music:

Women in World Music:

Pulitzer Prize Winners:

Grawemeyer Award Winners:

Academy Award Winners:

Chapter 2 – Women Composers: Historical and Contemporary Challenges

Chapter 3 –Art Songs by Women

Chapter 4 – Operas by Women

Chapter 5 – Choral Music by Women

Chapter 6 – Experimental Music and Extended Techniques

Chapter 7 – Music Theater by Women (Erin Guinup)

Chapter 8 – CCM by Women (Amanda Wansa Morgan)

Chapter 9 – Singing and Voice Science (Scott McCoy)

Chapter 10 – Vocal Health for Singers (Wendy LeBorgne)

Chapter 11 – Using Audio Enhancement Technology (Matthew Edwards)

Equipment Manufacturers:

Recommended Equipment:

Comparisons of Singers (on and off mic):


Trade Publications:

Chapter 12 – Advocacy for Women Composers

Chapter 13 – Music by Women: The Future

Appendix – Further Resources

Repertoire Databases and Catalogs:

Other Digital Resources:

Print Resources:

Journal of Singing Articles by Sharon Mabry:

Festivals and Workshops:

Grants and Awards:

Professional Organizations:

About the Authors and Contributors