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Gifts Made to the Framing Our Future Fund

Thank You, Donors!

We are honored to recognize and thank those who have donated to the Framing Our Future Fund with a gift/pledge. Your support represents the emergence of a new culture within our organization – a culture of philanthropy. Your contributions of time, talent, and treasure signify the commitment, enthusiasm and loyalty that make NATS a wonderful organization that provides professional education, training and opportunities for professional networking for both teachers and students. Gifts will also enable NATS to focus on developing new strategies and strengthening important programs in the years ahead to respond to needs and interests expressed in the recent member survey. Your support – and your engagement – is greatly appreciated!

∗ Denotes an additional unrestricted donation given in support of the Framing Our Future Fund

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Investor – $2,500 and above

Tod and Elaine Fitzpatrick, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Honor of Janet Smith
Julie Krugman
Lori Laitman, NATS Art Song

Patron – $1,500–$2,499

Carole Blankenship, * NSA American Negro Spiritual Competition, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Richard Margison

Leader – $1,000–$1,499

Diana Allan, *Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Honor of All My Students
Allegheny Mountain Chapter
Mike and Ronny de Jong, In Memory of Jane M. Dillard
Georgia Chapter of NATS, NSA American Negro Spiritual Competition
Dr. Richard Sjoerdsma,* In Memory of William McIver

Advocate – $500–$999

Anonymous, NSA, Negro Spiritual Competition
Karen Brunssen, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Honor of Carole Blankenship
Carol Mikkelsen, Roy Delp Fund
Gale Odom, In Memory of Virginia Botkin
Oklahoma Chapter
Devonna B Rowe, In Memory of Todd Duncan
Angela Santucci, NMTC, In Memory of David Westfall
Craig Tompkins, NMTC, NATS Intern Program
Louise Toppin
Robert Wells, *Giving Tuesday -NSA Fund

Partner – $250–$499

Robert Bastian
Ginger Beazley
Eden Casteel
Torin Chiles, * Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Elizabeth Daniels
Silvie Jensen
Byron Jones
Wendy Knudsen Pyliko
Dana Lentini
Lorna E MacDonald, NSA
Jennifer Susan Mather
Carol Ann Modesitt, In Memory of Bette Jeanne Chipman
Sarah Wilson MacMillan Monaco, Funding Speakers for Conferences, In Honor of Dr. William Brown
Kristin Morris
Ayumi Nakamae
John Nix, Barbara Doscher Award
Beverly Park
West Central Region, In Memory of Dr. Donna Bogard
Ann G Rhodes
Emily C Romney, In Memory of Oren Brown
Timothy Schmidt
Norman Spivey
Stephen Sudik, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Darryl Taylor
Chandler Thompson
Laura Ward
Sherri Moore Weiler
Sally Zeigler Thomas

Friend – $100–$249

Anonymous, In Honor of Jennifer Kay
Anonymous, NSA Fund
Sheila Abercrombie, NATS Intern Program, In Memory of Jane M. Dillard
Corbin Abernathy
Laurence Albert, In Honor of Lawrence and Elizabeth Albert, In Honor of Frank and Sadie Kilpatrick
Bryan Baker
Chadley Ballantyne, NATS Intern Program
Laura J Barton
Lucy Ellis Beck
Jeremy Blackwood
Mary Anne Braund
Frances N Brockington, In Honor of H.T. Burleigh Award
Bob Bryan, * Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Sarah Bucher
Thomas Bumgardner, NATS Intern Program
Karen Calloway, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Memory of Janice Harsanyi
Katherine Ciesinski
Norma Codispoti
Teresa S Coffman, Funding Speakers for Conferences
Raquel Cortina, In Memory of Elena Nikolaidi
Linda Cowan, In Honor of Judith Nicosia
Jan Eric Douglas
Ruth Ellis, NSA
Alison Feldt
Laura Fike, Strategic Funding Solutions, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
R. Bruce Gardner
Gregory W Gardner, In Memory of Patricia Saunders Nixon
Nedra Gaskill
Laurena Mitzi Gatlin, In Honor of Janet Irving
Kerry Ginger,* In Honor of Allen Henderson
Joshua Glasner
Louis Goldberg, In Honor of Charles Walker and New Jersey NATS
Robert Grider
Donald Domenic Guastaferro
Kristen Gunn, Funding Speakers for Conferences, In Memory of Jerrold Pope, In Memory of Roy E Delp
Carol Gutknecht, In Memory of Elena Fels North
Allen Henderson, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Memory of Dr. Tom Teague
Kathleen A Henkel
Stephanie Henkle
Cathy Herdeman
Mary Heston Dahl
Nita Hudson, Funding Speakers for Conferences, In Honor of Richard Berry
Thomas Hueber
Kimberly Gratland James, In Honor of Constanza Cuccaro
Nancy Jantsch
Amy Jarman, In Memory of My Mother
Glendower Jones,* NATS Intern Program
Helene and Joseph Weil
Mark Aaron Kano
Kimberly Kenney, NATS Intern Program, In Memory of Jane M. Dillard
Carla LeFevre
Noemi Lugo, Barbara Doscher Award
Melissa Malde
Kathleen Martin, NSA Fund
Cari McAskill, In Honor of Martha Shell
Barbara Witham McCargar, In Memory of Katherine Hilgenberg
Mark McQuade, In Memory of Richard Miller
Patricia Miller, NSA Fund
Lloyd Mims
Barbara Hill Moore, NMTC
Steven Morton
Nancy L Munn, In Honor of B Jack Glover
Susan Allen Nancy
Shelly Outlaw, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Jordyn Day Palmer
Zipporah Peddle, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Memory of Essie Peddle
Anne Marie Perillo
Kari Ragan, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Martha Randall, NATSAA Awards, In Memory of Jane M. Dillard
Jane Randolph
Keely Rhodes,* NMTC
Cheryl Lynn Richt
Connie Day Roberts
Kathleen Roemer, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Shawn R Roy
Lois Sayers Smith, In Honor of Oren Lathrop Brown, In Memory of Emily Freifrau Von Stetten
Jeffrey A Snider
Linda Snyder, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Honor of Present and Past NATS Board of Directors
Barbara P Steinhaus
Sharon Szymanski
Jill Terhaar Lewis
The Voice Foundation, In Recognition of NATS Chats
Nancy L Walker
Clifton Ware, NATS Intern Program
Eve-Anne Wilkes
Paul Zielinski, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Memory of Jane Murray Dillard

Contributor – $10–$99

Anonymous (6)
Anonymous, NMTC
Mim Adams
Toni P Anderson, NSA
Polly Baldridge
Amanda Balltrip
Andrew Barrett
Beverly Benda
Susan Bender
Serena Kanig Benish
Rose E Betz-Zall
Randall Black, NATS Intern Program, In Memory of James McKinney
Anna Bonham-White
Virginia Bowles, In Recognition of NATS Covid 19 Support
Theresa Brancaccio
William Brewer
Elaine C. Brewster, In Memory of Betty Jeanne Chipman
Daniel Cabena
Keitha Campeau
Amandia Carnahan,* NSA, American Negro Spiritual Competition
Joanna Cazden, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Sherry Shaoling Chock
Rebecca Coberly
Cheryl Coker
Kassy Coleman
Saori Collins
Linda Combellick
Hallie Coppedge Hogan, NSA Fund
Sarah E Daughtrey, NATS Intern Program, In Memory of Paul Kiesgen
Osceola A Davis-Smith
Kate Egan
Anne-Marie Endres
Eisha Epps
Elizabeth Eschen, In Honor of Michele Holt
Ellie Escher, NATS Intern Program
Maribeth R Evensen-Hengge
Geoffrey Friedley, In Memory of Dr. Jerrold Pope
Christine Fulcher
Claire Galloway, In Memory of Ruth Bauman Weber
Margaret A Garrett, *NMTC, In Honor of Marilyn Taylor
Lisa Angelina Patti Griffith
Julie Groom
Kofi Hayford Diction Buddy LLC
Alicia V Hermance, In Memory of Myron E Hermance Jr.
Julia D Hood
Kyra C Humphrey, In Memory of Geraldine Decker
Anne Hurley
James Janssen
Carol A Jegen
Dennis Allen Jewett
Lyndia Johnson, In Honor of Katherine Lorenz
Kimberlyn S Jones, In Memory of Natalie Limonick
Katie Katinas
Akira Ken Kuroda
Peggy Kurtz
Ruth Kurtz
Arisa Kusumi, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Honor of Marni Nixon an Amazing Teacher and Mentor
Marika Kyriakos
Rita T Larkin, * Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Memory of Barbara Clark
Arthur Levy, In Memory of Ruth Falcon
Mage Lockwood
Carol Loverde
Courtney Lowe
Lisa Moana Lowry
Brenda Lualdi
Sharyn June Mapes, NMTC, In Honor of Marvin Keenze
Kristi Matson, * Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Dominique McCormick
Margery S McCrum, In Honor of Marvin Keenze
Jim Meredith
Ruthanna Metzgar
Deborah Montgomery, In Memory of Lindsey Christiansen
Ingrid D Mueller, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Wendy Mullen, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Honor of George Bitzas
Amy Murphy
Jan Opalach, In Honor of My Voice Students
Patrice Pastore, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
John Glenn Paton
Nicholas and Mandy Perna - Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Laura R Radell, In Honor of Dr. Julie Fortney
Scott Ramsay
Lorraine Reinhardt
Deborah Rentz-Moore
Brent Richardson,
Jonathan Riss
Tomasz Robak
George Roberts, NATSAA Awards, In Memory of Phyllis Mailing
Kathleen Roland-Silverstein, In Honor of Dr. Alan Smith
Amelia Rollings
Bonnie Salewski, Funding Speakers for Conferences
Samuel T Savage
Lorian Schwaber
Jennifer Sgroe, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund, In Honor of Everett McCorvey, for His Mentorship
Robert Sioss, In Memory of Jane Murray Dillard
Jonathan Smucker
Russell S Smythe
Laura Stevenson
Momoko Tanno, In Support of NATS Racially Inclusive Efforts
Marilyn Taylor, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Aleisha Thompson-Heinz
Deborah Ann Thurlow, NSA Fund
Patricia Toledo, NATS Intern Program
Katie Tupper
Shelby VanNordstrand
Anneliese von Goerken-Zinser
Barbara Wilson-Arboleda
Nathan Windt
Dianne Wintrob, Giving Tuesday - NSA Fund
Joyce Hall Wolf, In Memory of Frances Yeend
Linda Young

∗Denotes an additional unrestricted donation given in support of the Framing Our Future Fund

   View donors to the 75th Anniversary Campaign