Mentoring + Ambassadors

Growing your skillset as a professional happens when you have a strong educational foundation, good support and, of course, experience.

Whether you are a voice teacher, collaborative pianist or early career composer, NATS offers several excellent opportunities to support your growth by connecting you with a mentor. Finding another professional who understands your needs and can help you continue to flourish in your career is invaluable. With these one-of-a-kind mentoring programs, you’ll have the chance to meet people who have share your interests — whatever they may be! Plus, now you’ll know someone in your field who has got your back. No one person achieves success without someone else helping them out along the way.

NATS is proud to provide programs that foster and encourage these special mentor and mentee relationships. 

Similarly, when members have reached a point in their careers where they would love to give back, NATS encourages everyone to explore mentoring options as well as the opportunity to serve as an ambassador. NATS International Ambassadors connect with other singing professional across the globe who share our belief of transforming lives through the power of song.