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So You Want to CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music): A Guide for Performers


Chapter 5  Chapters 6-10  Chapters 11-15   Chapters 16-20 

Chapter 1 – CCM Pedagogy: The Pioneering Generation (Matthew Hoch)

Chapter 2 – CCM versus Music Theater: A Comparison (Matthew Edwards)

Chapter 3 – Singing and Voice Science (Scott McCoy)

Chapter 4 – Vocal Health and the CCM Singer (Wendy LeBorgne)

Chapter 5 – Using Audio Enhancement Technology (Matthew Edwards)

Equipment Manufacturers:

Recommended Equipment:

Comparisons of Singers (on and off mic):


Trade Publications:

Chapter 6 – Katie Agresta (New York, New York)

Chapter 7 – Irene Bartlett (Brisbane, Australia)

Chapter 8 – Robert Edwin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Chapter 9 – Elizabeth Howard (Chicago, Illinois)

Chapter 10 – Joan Lader (New York, New York)

Chapter 11 – Jeannette LoVetri (New York, New York)

Chapter 12 – Mark Meylan (London, United Kingdom)

Chapter 13 – Lisa Popeil (Los Angeles, California)

Chapter 14 – David Sabella (New York, New York)

Chapter 15 – Cathrine Sadolin (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Chapter 16 – Mary Saunders-Barton (State College, Pennsylvania)

Chapter 17 – Daniel Zangger-Borch (Stockholm, Sweden)

Chapter 18 – Effortless Singing: SLS™ and Its Influence (Darren Wicks)

Chapter 19 – Why It’s Time to Add CCM to Your Studio (Matthew Edwards)

Chapter 20 – The Future of CCM Pedagogy (Matthew Hoch)