So You Want to Sing with Awareness: A Guide for Performers


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Chapter 1 – Alexander Technique (Larry Lee Hensel)

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Chapter 2 – The Feldenkrais Method (Elizabeth L. Blades)

Chapter 3 – Yoga for Singers (Linda Lister)

Chapter 4 – Pilates and the Singing Actor (Joan Melton)

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Chapter 5 – Body Mapping (Jan Prokop)

Chapter 6 – The CoreSinging Approach (Meribeth Dayme)

Chapter 7 – Meditation (Michelle DeBruyn)

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Chapter 8 – An Introduction to Tomatis Listening (Susan Hurley)

Chapter 9 – The Brain, Music, and Optimal Performance: Cognitive Neuroscience for Singers (Karen Leigh-Post)

Chapter 10 – The Missing Mind: The Third Pillar of Voice Pedagogy (Lynn Helding)

Chapter 11 – Singing and Voice Science (Scott McCoy)

Chapter 12 – Vocal Health for Singers (Wendy LeBorgne)

Chapter 13 – Awareness and Singing: Toward a Holistic Approach

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