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International Initiatives

NATS International Ambassadors

In the spirit of international learning and active exchange in voice pedagogy, the NATS International Advisory Group (NATS IAG) has begun an International Ambassador program. An impressive amount of international activity is carried out by NATS members through voice teaching, master classes, and performing, as well as summer program involvement and university affiliations. In a recent survey, NATS members responded with overwhelming support of the Association’s efforts to broaden connectivity globally with voice teachers and organizations. 

We invite you to be an active participant in NATS International Ambassadorship. Through your travels and interactions with singers, voice teachers, coaches, and other voice professionals, you may register to be a NATS International Ambassador. 


PAST ACTIVITY: NATS Transatlantic Pedagogy Trip to Germany
June 7-18, 2019

In celebration of the 75 anniversary of NATS, members, spouses and guests traveled on a voice pedagogy tour of Germany! This unique cultural and educational journey was an opportunity to expand horizons; share pedagogical perspectives with each other; hear from German pedagogues and scientists; and visit the sites in Leipzig, Dresden, Potsdam and Berlin.The itinerary also included the first weekend concerts of Bach Fest Leipzig 2019. DETAILS

PAST ACTIVITY: A Kaleidoscope of Vocal Pedagogy - June 8, 2019 Berlin

This one-day Mini-conference was the start-off of the NATS Transatlantic Pedagogy Trip to celebrate their 75th Anniversary. It’s a great opportunity to share thoughts on the way forward for singing education on both sides of the Atlantic. The event was a cooperation between BDG and NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing). DETAILS