Gifts Made to the NATS 75th Anniversary Fund

Thank You, Donors!

We are honored to recognize and thank those who have celebrated the NATS 75th Anniversary with a gift/pledge. Your support represents the emergence of a new culture within our organization – a culture of philanthropy. Your contributions of time, talent, and treasure signify the commitment, enthusiasm and loyalty that make NATS a wonderful organization that provides professional education, training and opportunities for professional networking for both teachers and students. Gifts will also enable NATS to focus on developing new strategies and strengthening important programs in the years ahead to respond to needs and interests expressed in the recent member survey. Your support – and your engagement – is greatly appreciated!

* Denotes an additional unrestricted donation given in support of the 75th Anniversary Fund

Investor – $2,500 and above

Joan Frey Boytim, * Joan Frey Boytim Award
Karen Brunssen, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder, In Honor of Allen Henderson
Karen Brunssen, NSA Awards, In Honor of Dan Johnson Willmot
Kathryn Proctor Duax
Laura Fike, Strategic Funding Solutions
Elaine and Tod Fitzpatrick
Allen C. Henderson, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
Josh and Julie Krugman
Lori Laitman, NATS Art Song
Linda June Snyder, In Honor of My Music Teachers and My Family

Patron – $1,500–$2,499

Barbara Ann Peters, In Memory of David Blair McClosky
Scott Piper, In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Aiello

Leader – $1,000–$1,499

Carole and Jeff Blankenship, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
Nancy Bos
Leslie Holmes, In Memory of Jean Westerman Gregg
Jennifer Susan Mather
Anne Petrie
Dr. Richard Sjoerdma

Advocate – $500–$999

Victoria Holland
Dr. Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk, In Memory of Lindsey Christiansen
Lorna E. MacDonald
Oklahoma Chapter
Kathleen Otterson, In Memory of  Professor Ilona Kombrink, In Honor of Kathryn Proctor Duax
Shelley Outlaw, Strategic Funding Solutions
Dr. Kari Ragan
Frank Ragsdale
Timothy Schmidt
Tennessee State Chapter, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
Randall Umstead *, James McKinney Fund, In Honor of Barbara Honn
Julie Wieck*

Partner – $250–$499

Cathy Herdeman
Amy Jarman*, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
Aaron Johnson
Byron Jones
Carla Lefevre, In Honor of Barbara Peters
Elizabeth Linnartz, In Honor of Barbara Peters
David Mannell, In Memory of Leon and Jo Ann Mannell
John Nix, NATS Intern Program
John Nix, Barbara Doscher Fund
Deborah Saverance
Norman Spivey*, NATS Intern Program
Marjorie Stephens, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
Marjorie Stephens, Irma Cooper Award Fund
Mary Henderson Stucky 
Robert Wells

Friend – $100–$249

Diana Allan
Patricia C. Applegate, In Memory of Roy E. Delp
Kelleen Barham
Laura Barton-Holding, In Memory of Lorie Griswold
Joanne and Ken Bozeman, In Memory of Richard Miller
Thomas Bumgardner, NATS Intern Program
Torin Wesley Chiles
Laura Chipe
Norma Codispoti, NATS Foundation
Osceola Davis-Smith
Dr. Andrea Dismukes, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
James Doing*, NATS Intern Program, In Memory of Dale Moore
Jean Piatak Eickhoff, In Honor of Barbara Doscher
Ruth Ellis, NSA Awards
Alison Feldt*, Barbara Doscher Fund
Ellen Frohnmayer, In Memory of Philip Frohnmayer
Marisa Gaetanne, NATS Art Song
John Hacker
Shan Han, Bill Hayes Fund
Shan Han, Edward Baird-Bruce Lunkley Award Fund
Theresa Hansen, In Memory of Emily Lodine Overgaard
Ian Howell, In Honor of Karen Brunssen
Thomas and Nancy Hueber
Nancy Jantsch
Mark Kano
Dian Lawler-Johnson, NATS Art Song, In Honor of Dr. Carol Mikkelson
Dian Lawler-Johnson, In Memory of Dr. Benjamin Middaugh
Dana L. Lentini
Julie A. Jones
Kimberly Lazzeri
Dana Lentini
Jill Terhaar Lewis
Carol Loverde, 
Lori McCann and David B. Smith, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
Margaret McNulty, In Memory of Todd Duncan
Peggy McNulty, Todd Duncan Award
Joseph and Violette Meyers
Ingrid D. Mueller, James McKinney Fund
Wendy Mullen, James McKinney Fund, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
Wendy Mullen, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
Ann G. Rhodes
S. Patton Rice, Roy Delp Fund
Shawn Roy, In Memory of Patrick Shelby
Mary Saunders-Barton
Joann L. Schaum, In Memory of Mary Jane Paul-Hummel
Nancy MacArthur Smith
Jeffrey Snider, NSA Awards
Sharon Szymanski*, NSA Awards
Sally Zeigler Thomas
Dr. Joanne Uniatowski
Gregory Addison Wait
Dr. Nancy Walker
Patricia Weis, NSA Awards
Jay G. White, Barbara Doscher FundIn Honor of Martha Randall 
Anne Wick
Dianne Wintrob
Kurt-Alexander Zeller

Contributor – $10–$99

Eleanor Pudil Anop
Margaret Baroody
Anonymous, NSA Awards
Lucy Ellis Beck
Anne Haga Bentz
Alice Berman
Anna Bonham-White
Gloria F. Bonnin
Karen Calloway, In Memory of Roy Delp, In Memory of Janice Harsanyi
Katherine Ciesinski
Melissa Kristin Culloton
Tony Deaton, NSA Awards
Tony Deaton, In Memory of Angela Holder
Rebekah & Robert Demaree
Cindy Dewey
Jan Eric Douglas
Judith S. Durocher
Robert Edwin, National Music Theater Competition Fund, In Memory of Helen W. Monbo
Kate Egan, NSA Awards
Elizabeth Eschen
Melodee Fernandez, In Memory of My Mother, Nancy Meadows Fernandez
Margaret A. Garrett, In Honor of Dr. Mozelle Sherman
Nan Gibson, In Memory of Meribeth Dayme
Kathryn B. Gesham
Mary Ellen Hagel
Nancy E. Harris
Tina Harris, In Memory of Jeanne Maggi
Stephanie Henkle
Marty Heresniak, Jean Westerman Gregg Fund, In Memory of Carl Gutekunst 
Trudi Huizenga
Frank & Darlene Jackson
Warren Jaworski, James McKinney Fund
Dennis Allen Jewett, James McKinney Fund
Mary J. Johnson, Herald Stark Award Fund
Marla S. Jones
Katie Katnis
Thomas Roy King, In Memory of Irma Cooper
Dorothy Kingston
Daniel Koehn, In Memory of Angela Easterday Holder
Nathan Krueger
Peggy Kurtz
Karen Leigh-Post, In Memory of Shirlee Emmon
Carrie L. Lemke
Los Angeles Chapter of NATS
Gary L Mabry,In Honor of Barbara Doscher
Melissa Malde
Sharyn June Mapes, In Honor of Marvin Keenze
Carol J Marshall
Harriet Caldwell McCleary, In Memory of Emma Small
Steven Morton, National Music Theater Competition
Joanne Mouradjian
Sally Porte Munro
Anonymous, In Honor of Sandy Stewich
Anonymous, NATS Art Song
Susan Allen Nance
Patrice Pastore
Charlotte Philley
Linda Poetschke,Herald Stark Award Fund 
Linda M. Porter, In Honor of Carrie Talbott
Anonymous, In Memory of Jane Paul Hummel
Laura Radell, In Memory of Barbara Doscher, In Honor of Julie F Fortney
Andrea Randall-Luyties
Katya A. Roemer
Bonnie Salewski, NSA Awards
Mary Ellen Schauber
Jan Pedersen Schiff
Marieke Schuurs
Dorothy Shrader, In Honor of Aija Jirgensons Shrader
Russell S. Smythe
Anna Speck
Stacy Andrea Strakowski
Diane Steen-Hinderlie, In Honor of Nancy Grundahl's Retirement
Emery Stephens
Sarah Stone, Paul Kiesgen Fund
Stephanie Tingler, In Memory of Irvin Bushman
Patricia Toledo
Jennifer Trost, In Honor of David Strickler
Lara Troyer*, Barbara Doscher Fund
Diana Walker-Neve
Anonymous, National Music Theater Competition
Robert C White, Jr.
LaDonna Young, NATSAA Awards

* Denotes an additional unrestricted donation given in support of the 75th Anniversary Fund