Send direct mail to NATS members

Purchase mailing lists or labels segmented by state, region or country to promote your product or service.

Direct Mail Rates

Mailing lists (Excel file) for any or all NATS members (physical addresses only - no email addresses): $0.20 per name (minimum charge $100). Finalized file will be e-mailed.

Multiple-use discounts are available for purchase. Vendor must pay full price for the first list, with a 20% discount offered for each use thereafter up to four. To receive the multiple-use discount, the lists must be purchased in advance. An updated mailing list will be provided for each mailing. The list use must occur within 12 months of purchase.

Purchase a mailing list today!

Call (904) 992-9101 or email .

Direct Mail Terms and Conditions

  • NATS membership list rental is for a one-time use only.
  • NATS reserves the right to approve the marketing piece in advance.
  • Advertiser use of the NATS name and/or logo must be approved by the Executive Office prior to distribution.
  • Please be aware that some addresses may be incorrect. Addresses are updated when new mailing addresses are provided.
  • Our mailing list meets the USPS Move Update Requirement and is updated regularly per USPS regulations.
  • NATS cannot guarantee the outcome of the mailing and will not be liable for those mail pieces that are returned. ALL ORDERS ARE PROCESSED ON A PREPAYMENT BASIS ONLY, as the number of members is constantly changing.

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