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Chapter 1 – Jewish Traditions (Even Kent)

Examples of Cantorial Singing:

Training Programs for Cantors:

Online Sound Archives:

Cantorial Organizations:

Chapter 2 – Gregorian Chant and Polyphony (Anthony Ruff)

Gregorian Chant Resources:

Gregorian Chant Examples:

Polyphonic Examples:

Chapter 3 – Contemporary Catholic Directions (Anthony Ruff)

Documents and Articles:

Professional Organizations:

Graduate Programs in Catholic Music:

Chapter 4 – Sacred Choral Traditions (Matthew Hoch)

Prima Prattica versus Seconda Prattica:

Modern Performance Practice versus Historically Informed Performance Practice:

Summer Festival Choirs:

Early Music Graduate Programs:

Sacred Choral Record Labels:

Professional Organizations:

Chapter 5 - Contemporary Christian Music (Sharon Radionoff)

Thomas A. Dorsey:

Early Influences (Group 1):

Ralph Carmichael:

Light Records:

Bill Gaither:

Paragon Music:

Gaither Vocal Band:

The Jesus Movement:

Rock ‘n’ Roll:

Praise Music Movement:

Lakewood Church Choir:

Lakewood English Worship Leaders:

Lakewood Spanish Worship Leaders:

Hillsong Church:

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir:

Gateway Church:

Champion Forest Baptist Church:

Vineyard Fellowship:

Miscellaneous Additional Artists and Genres:

Interviews and Documentary:

Chapter 6 – Singing and Voice Science (Scott McCoy)

Chapter 7 – Vocal Health and the Singer of Sacred Music (Wendy LeBorgne)

Chapter 8 – Using Audio Enhancement Technology (Matthew Edwards)

Equipment Manufacturers:

Recommended Equipment:

Comparisons of Singers (on and off mic):


Trade Publications: