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Gregory Berg
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 417)
Starting on Page Number: 417

Freddie De Tommaso: Passione. Freddie De Tammaso, tenor; Lon- don Philharmonic Orchestra; Renato Balsadonna, conductor. (Decca 485 1509; 53:35)

Freddie De Tommaso: Il Tenore. Freddie De Tommaso, tenor;
Lise Davidsen, Natalya Romaniw, soprano; Aijul Akhmetshina, mezzo soprano; Philharmonia Orchestra; Apollo Voices; Paolo Arrivabeni, conductor. (Decca 485 2945; 49:30)

As One: Songs by Robert Owens, Ned Rorem, Libby Larsen, Zachary Wadsworth, Srul Irving Glick. Jos Milton, tenor; Melinda Coffey Arm- stead, piano. (Albany TROY1902; 64:04)

Kathleen Roland-Silverstein
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 413)
Starting on Page Number: 413

Laitman, Lori (b. 1955), Leah Lax, librettist. Arias from Uncovered. Enchanted Knickers Music, BMI/ 2022.

Paulus, Stephen (1949–2014). Aria Collection/Volume 1: Arias for Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, & Alto and Aria Collection/Volume 2: Arias for Tenor, Baritone, & Bass. Phillip Brunelle, editor. Schott, 2022.

Fang, Man (b. 1977). “Partridge Sky,” for mezzo soprano and piano. 2022.

Gisclard, Dace, editor. Anna Russell Sings!!! Eight Parodies of Opera and Art Song: A Tribute to the Great Concert Comedienne Anna Claudia Russell-Brown 1911–2006, for voice and piano (1st edition). Classical Vocal Reprints, 2022.

Debra Greschner
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 407)
Starting on Page Number: 407

Stohrer, Sharon. The Empowered Performer: The Musician’s Companion in Building Confidence and Conquering Performance Anxiety. Monee, IL: KDP, 2022. Paper, 241pp., $20.00. ISBN 9798831764840

Montgomery, Cheri. A Sketchbook Atlas of the Vocal Tract. Nashville, TN: S.T.M. Publishers, 2022. Paper, x, 156 pp., $30.00. ISBN 978-1-2345- 6789-7

Colapinto, John. This is the Voice. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2021. vii, 312 pp., Cloth $28.00. ISBN 978-1-9821-2874-6 www.

Barber, Felicia Raphael Marie. A New Perspective for the Use of Dialect in African American Spirituals: History, Context and Linguistics. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2021. Cloth, xxiii, 251 pp., $100.00. ISBN 978-1-7936-3534-1; eBook $45.00. ISBN 978-1-7936-3535-8

Donald Simonson
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 405)
Starting on Page Number: 405

Keeler, Timothy Lee. “Chanticleer and the Art of Unconducted Ensemble Singing.” D.M.A. Dissertation, University of Maryland, College Park 2022, 73 pages; ProQuest 2688941818.

Lewton-Brain, Anna Nora. “Metaphysical Music: A Study of the Musical Qualities and Contexts of the Poetry of John Donne, George Herbert, and Richard Crashaw.” Ph.D. Dissertation, McGill University (Canada), 2021, 351 pages; ProQuest 2700375022.

Sale, Jamea J. “Steps toward Validation of the Female Adolescent Voice Change Singing Status Index.” Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Kansas, 2022, 296 pages; Pro- Quest 2699984107.

Williams, John Elson. “Survey on the Usage of Mark- ing by Professional Singers: The Operatic Stage and Beyond.” Ph.D. Dissertation, The University of Iowa, 2022, 71 pages; ProQuest 2691776365.

Leslie Holmes
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 399)
Starting on Page Number: 399
Margo Garrett
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 393)
Starting on Page Number: 393
Kimberly Broadwater
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 387)
Starting on Page Number: 387
Heidi Moss Erickson
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 379)
Starting on Page Number: 379
Megan Durham
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 369)
Starting on Page Number: 369
Brian Manternach
2023 January (volume: 79 issue: 3 start page: 363)
Starting on Page Number: 363