So You Want to Sing Cabaret


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Foreword by Lorna Luft

Special Acknowledgment to Julie Wilson

Chapter 1 – A Brief History of Cabaret (Erv Raible)

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Chapter 2 – From Bounty to Bust to Blossom (Roy Sander)

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Chapter 4 – Critically Speaking: Roy Sander

Chapter 5 – The Mayor of NY Cabaret: Sidney Myer

Chapter 6 – The Great American Songbook: Michael Feinstein

Chapter 7 – The Singer-Songwriter in Cabaret: Ann Hampton Callaway

Chapter 8 – On “Legit” Singing: Dawn Derow

Chapter 9 – Finding Your Authentic Voice

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Chapter 10 – Singing and Voice Science (Scott McCoy)

Chapter 11 – Vocal Health for Singers (Wendy LeBorgne)

Chapter 13 – Lyric Connection

Chapter 14 – Using Audio Enhancement Technology (Matthew Edwards)

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Chapter 15 – Building Your Team: The Music Director

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Chapter 16 – Building Your Team: The Director

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Chapter 18 – DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) Promotion

Chapter 19 – Organizations and Awards


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Chapter 20 – The Queen of Cabaret: Andrea Marcovicci

Chapter 21 - The Crown Prince of Cabaret: Steve Ross

Chapter 22 –The Countess of Crossover: Karen Mason

Chapter 23 - The Princess of Birdland: Natalie Douglas

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Chapter 24 – Training Tomorrow’s Singers

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Chapter 25 – Spanning the Generations

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