NATS 2021 Winter Workshop

Virtual - January 8-10, 2021

Join us virtually where we’ll explore effective ways to sing and teach with self-care amid evolving conditions surrounding the new coronavirus. Sessions will center on important issues such as maximizing virtual technologies, promoting vocal and physical wellness, and maintaining balance through psychological, social, and musical forms of self-care.

DeMar Neal, Vice President for Workshops

Featured Presenters Mentored Teaching Experience  Schedule

Featured Topics and Presenters

Leveraging Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Awareness to Reduce Stress and Enhance Your Holistic Wellbeing 
Ting-Yu Chen

Cure it! - Successful Treatments for Painful Online Pedagogy
Wendy Jones and Eden Casteel

The Voice from Foot to Head
Jennie Morton

Holding a Compassionate Space for Messy Things: An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Voice Care
Megan Durham

Voice Surgery: Addressing the Stigma
Brandon Baird

Beyond Technique: The Science and Art of Communication
Jennie Morton

Maintaining Your Artistry Amid COVID-19
Vanessa Isiguen & Damien Geter

Difficult Decision Making in Laryngology
Brandon Baird

Mentored Teaching Experience

NATS is pleased to offer the Mentored Teaching Experience as part of this Workshop. This initiative is aimed at providing more NATS members with development opportunities. Participants can gain valuable feedback and re-energize their teaching. Workshop participants had the opportunity for a session with one of our mentor teachers, for an additional $50. This can be added to your registration at the end. You must be registered for the Workshop in order to participate.

• Gain valuable feedback on your teaching and materials.
• Strengthen your studio pedagogy.
• Re-energize your teaching.

After completing your registration, you MUST fill out a Mentored Teaching Experience Student Information and YouTube Link form. Those interested in the Mentored Teaching Experience must have two 30+ minute lesson videos ready no later than December 1.

Registration Fees

• NATS Member $199.00
• Non-NATS Member $249.00
• Student  $79.00

Registration Deadline: January 5, 2021

Cancellation requests for registration will be honored through November 1, 2020. The NATS Executive Office must be notified of your intention to cancel in writing at the following address: 9957 Moorings Drive, Suite 401, Jacksonville, FL  32257, or by email (  Notice may also be sent by fax to 904-262-2587. Cancellations are not accepted by phone; they must be in writing.

All refunds are subject to an administrative fee of $50.00 USD if requested before the deadline. Refunds cannot be applied to subsequent workshops, conferences or membership dues and will be issued after the event has concluded.  REFUND & CANCELLATION DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 1, 2020.