National Association of Teachers of Singing presents:

National Musical Theatre Competition Gala Finals

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A special concert event with the next generation of musical theatre stars!

Plan to join us in January of 2026!

  • More than 1,200 singer/actors have participated in previous competitions since NMTC premiered in 2012.
  • A powerful collaboration between New York professional theatre, the world’s largest network of voice teachers, and visionary investors in musical theatre
  • The competition cultivates young, diverse, promising talent to carry the banner of musical theatre into the future

Scenes from the Gala Finals 2024


Scenes from the Gala Finals 2024
Monday, January 8, 2024 | Neidorff-Karpati Hall at Manhattan School of Music

It’s About Singers and Their Teachers! thenewsmovement Instagram Reel cover

From thenewsmovement: The NATS National Musical Theater Competition is an annual event that spotlights the next generation of aspiring Broadway stars. This year, the competition also honored the impact of voice teachers on their students and the theater industry, and named the first place prize after Florence Birdwell, the late voice teacher of Broadway greats like Kelli O’Hara and Kristin Chenoweth.

We chatted with Broadway stars Kelli O’Hara (Days of Wine and Roses, The King and I) and Michael Maliakel (Aladdin) about how their voice teachers shaped their careers, and stuck around to see who was crowned this year’s NATS winner. Could we have witnessed the start of a bright new Broadway career in the making?! 

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Honoring Florence Birdwell

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  • NMTC 2024 is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Florence Birdwell — NATS member and legendary teacher at Oklahoma City University.
  • Florence Birdwell taught her students how to transform from a singer to an artist. She taught them to understand and empower themselves, to celebrate life, pain, and love, and to communicate what they had to say in order to better connect both with themselves and with others.
  • We carry her inspiration forward - infusing this competition with her insight and her spirit so that we do more than acknowledge her legacy. We build on it.

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Notable NMTC Alumni

NMTC alums bannerPast participants of the NATS National Musical Theatre Competition (NMTC) have gone on to be in major Broadway productions, including Aladdin, Dear Evan Hansen, On Your Feet, Bad Cinderella, Phantom of the Opera, Hello, Dolly!, Carousel and more. 

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Campaign Leadership

  • Frank Ragsdale - Chair
  • Sue Matsuki – Gala Producer
  • Alisa Belflower
  • Brian Birdwell
  • Robyn Birdwell
  • Tiffan Borelli
  • Stephen Coker
  • Barbara DeMaio
  • Nathan Gunn
  • Lisa Reagan Love
  • Jennifer Mather
  • Catherine McDaniel
  • Jan McDaniel
  • Kelly Gabrielle Murphy
  • Cassie Okenka
  • Meredith Pyle
  • Matt Redmond
  • Jerry Steichen
  • Lara Teeter
  • Katie Travis
  • Sarah Wigley

Thank You to Our 2024 Donors and Sponsors

Our deepest gratitude goes to the donors whose generosity and belief in the power of musical theatre have enriched the National Musical Theatre Competition and empowered the next generation of talented performers.


  • Lisa Reagan Love
  • Linda June Snyder
  • Drs. Robyn and Brian Birdwell, children of Florence and Robert Birdwell
  • Allen and Ann Henderson 


  • Julie and Josh Krugman
  • Frank Ragsdale
  • Colin Rockson
  • Deborah A. Hall
  • Bob Bryan and Jennifer Lee
  • Geraldine Bryan
  • Sue Matsuki 


  • Dr. Jeffrey Richard Carter
  • Stephen Coker
  • Ned Rockson
  • Craig Tompkins
  • Dr. Robert Gagel
  • Libby Keller
  • William and Melissa Mueller
  • Lara and Kristen Teeter
  • Elizabeth Teeter
  • Melinda Decker Fitzgerald
  • Jennifer Mather
  • Torin Wesley Chiles
  • Nicole Leupp Hanig
  • Will Mann
  • Marita Stryker
  • Barbara Fox DeMaio
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  • Alisa Belflower
  • Kyle Dillingham

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