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thumbnail Finalists of the 2017 National Student Auditions announced posted on 1:49 PM, July 20, 2017
The semifinal round of the NATS 2017 National Student Auditions (NSA) were held on Friday, July 21, at the University of Colorado-Boulder College of Music. The annual competition was part of the NATS...
thumbnail Three new NATS regional governors take office posted on 10:03 AM, July 5, 2017
Congratulations to three newly elected NATS regional governors! Shawn Roy (Southern region), Julie Wieck (Intermountain region) and Randall Umstead (Texoma region) have each begun a two-year term as of July 1.
thumbnail A transformative week for our 2017 NATS Interns posted on 10:59 AM, June 6, 2017
The 2017 NATS Intern Program has been a transformative experience for a select group of 12 voice teachers and three collaborative pianists.
thumbnail Semifinalists Announced for 2017 National Student Auditions posted on 8:36 AM, May 26, 2017
NATS congratulates the preliminary round participants who have been selected to advance to the national semifinal round at the 2017 National Student Auditions in Boulder, Colorado.
thumbnail Spam alert - Be aware of e-mail phishing posted on 11:02 AM, May 8, 2017
SPAMALERT... ...it's not the latest musical, but unfortunately, "spam" e-mail is causing "a lot" of problems. We have learned of what appears to be an e-mail phishing attack, a fraudulent process used...
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