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The National Association of Teachers of Singing fosters the formation of student chapters in order to advance knowledge about the Association and the professions of teaching and singing. A Student NATS (SNATS) Chapter is an organization of students that can meet, hold events and discussions, participate, practice, and learn more about voice teaching as a profession.

In order to form a SNATS Chapter, a Full or Associate NATS member in good standing may petition the SNATS Coordinator on behalf of a group of students to grant a SNATS Chapter charter. The Vice-President of Outreach serves as the SNATS Coordinator. SNATS Chapter members may be invited to local NATS meetings, and are always welcome to attend NATS workshops, conferences, and other events at a special student registration rate.  

"A tremendous gap exists between the student years and the professional teaching years. SNATS Chapters mentor young singers into the profession at a grass roots level, and provide opportunities for supplementary information and education within NATS."
Dr. Kathryn Proctor Duax, Past President of NATS 

Joining an Existing SNATS Chapter

Ask a member of your voice faculty, the SNATS Coordinator (listed below), or check our online SNATS directory to see if a SNATS Chapter already exists at your school. If it does, join today! If not, find out how to establish a new SNATS Chapter, so you and your classmates can join in the fun. 

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Establishing a New SNATS Chapter


SNATS Chat is a live online, real-time discussion for students and singers. SNATS Chat is held twice a year, in fall and spring. The one-hour session is generally held on Sunday evening and moderated by Dr. Errik Hood, assistant professor and voice area head at Utah State University. Participation is free.

Upcoming SNATS Chat

To be announced

SNATS Chat Replays

Spring 2021 Student NATS (SNATS) Chat hosted by Dr. Errik Hood: Teaching the Child Singing Voice with Dr. Shannon Coates
Date: Sunday, February 28


Fall 2020 Student NATS (SNATS) Chat hosted by Dr. Errik Hood and Dr. Kimberly James. Topic: Setting The Direction
Date: Sunday, November 15, 2020


Spring 2020 Student NATS (SNATS) Chat featuring Dr. Stacy Gerberich. Topic: "Maintaining Creativity, Compassion, and Connection during the COVID-19 Pandemic."
Date: April 26, 2020 


Fall 2019 Student NATS (SNATS) Chat featuring Scott McCoy, Professor of Voice at The Ohio State University. Topic: "What does an emerging professional voice teacher need to know about voice science?"
Date: November 3, 2019


Spring 2019 Student NATS (SNATS) Chat
Crossing-Over from Classical to CCM in the Voice Studio 
Date: May 19, 2019

Dr. Matthew Edwards talks about “Crossing-Over from Classical to CCM in the Voice Studio.” He discusses registration, resonance, articulation, and how audio technology plays a role.

Matt cites a 2012 National Endowment for the Arts research survey, finding that approximately 20.4 million adults in the United States practiced singing. They found that 89 percent of them are singing styles outside of the classical domain. "Teachers who are not prepared to teach CCM styles may find themselves struggling to keep their studios full. Meanwhile, those teachers who have embraced CCM styles have extensive waiting lists. Everyone can learn to teach this music and the best part is, it's fun," says Matt. CLICK TO WATCH

RESOURCE LINKS, for those interested in learning more:
PDF - Presentation Handout
Soft Palate:
Rock singers on and off Mic:
Broadway on and off mic:
Matt's Website:
Matt's Vocal Technique Blog:


Fall 2018 Student NATS (SNATS) Chat
Building a Voice Studio from the Ground Up
Date: November 18, 2018

Our guest Melissa Treinkman offered SNATS members a concrete series of steps and tips to build a voice studio from the ground up. The biggest concern for most new teachers, recruiting and retaining students, was the focus. Other topics included teaching space, advertising, studio policies, web visibility, and the psychology of sales as it relates to voice teachers. CLICK TO WATCH

Spring 2018 Student NATS (SNATS) Chat
Overcoming Performance Anxiety
Date: April 15, 2018
The featured guest was Sharon Stohrer presenting “Overcoming Performance Anxiety: Mindfulness and Focus in the Age of Distraction.” Errik Hood, assistant professor and voice area head at Utah State University, served as moderator.


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Sharon Stohrer's "Overcoming Performance Anxiety" presentation.


Fall 2017 Student NATS (SNATS) Chat
Strategic Practice
Date: November 5, 2017
The featured guest was Cindy Dewey, offering her presentation, “Strategic Practice: What is it? And How to do it. Lessons from motor learning theory and learning theory and their practical applications in the singer’s practice room.” Errik Hood, assistant professor and voice area head at Utah State University, served as moderator. CLICK TO WATCH (Please note - there is audio difficulty between the 2:45 and 4:15 marks.) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Cindy Dewey's "Strategic Practice" presentation.

Spring 2017 Student NATS (SNATS) Chat
NOT Lost in Translation
Date: April 23, 2017

Student NATS members gathered online for a first-ever SNATS Chat. The topic was “NOT Lost in Translation: Adapting Classical Technique to Musical Theatre Styles.” Errik Hood, assistant professor and voice area head at Utah State University, moderated the session and our guest was Lynn Helding, Associate Professor of Voice & Vocal Pedagogy at University of Southern California. CLICK TO WATCH

If you have ideas for future SNATS Chat topics, you can send an email to .

If you are a student who would like to start a chapter, you'll need five students to begin a chapter, plus at least one member of NATS (Associate or Full) to act as your Chapter Advisor. Contact the SNATS Coordinator to get details on how easy it is to apply to be an official SNATS Chapter!

If you have difficulty finding an advisor, contact the SNATS Coordinator to find other NATS members in your area who may be willing to help.

NATS members may also start a SNATS chapter. You'll need five students to begin. Any Associate or Full member of NATS in good standing may act as an advisor for a SNATS Chapter. Co-advisors are also welcome. Contact the SNATS Coordinator for details on how to get a new chapter started.

SNATS chapter members are not members of NATS; therefore SNATS chapter members do not pay national dues. 

SNATS Chapter Membership

Most chapters establish their own local dues to pay for the cost of programs and events. And, chapters may apply for SNATS Grants. SNATS chapter members receive a reduced $30 student rate on a one-year subscription to Journal of Singing (full price is $55). This scholarly journal contains articles on all aspects of singing, voice science, voice pedagogy, literature, and diction. Order Journal of Singing through your SNATS advisor. The SNATS Chapter Advisor collects the student subscription orders in bulk, and then coordinates those subscriptions with the NATS national office.

NATS Student Membership

Although SNATS Chapter members are not required to be members of NATS, a new NATS Student Membership Category was initiated in 2017. Students can now become members of NATS and partake in many of the benefits that their teachers enjoy. Click HERE for more about NATS Student Membership benefits, including FREE digital access to the Journal of Singing, and become a part of community of nearly 7,000 teaching and singing professionals.


For more information about Student NATS (SNATS) Chapters, send an email to Kimberly Gratland James, SNATS Coordinator, at