Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy Resources

Driven by its mission statement and values, NATS is committed to offering science-informed pedagogy resources for voice teachers.

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NATS recognizes that bringing curricular elements into alignment with best teaching practices in the field is an important and ongoing endeavor among colleagues. It is our wish that these resources will provide support to our colleagues by outlining a tiered approach to knowledge acquisition across the voice pedagogy sequence. Ultimately, this will help to ensure that as students matriculate at a variety of schools in their educational journey, we can more reliably predict the type of pedagogy education that students will have had prior to matriculating in our programs. Since 2015, the ongoing work of more than 60 voice teachers over multiple pedagogy summits has culminated in these resources, which will continue to evolve as science-informed voice pedagogy knowledge expands.

A direct outgrowth of the work of this group of volunteers is the creation of the NATS Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy Institute. This week-long event provides grounding in the elements of this framework and practical application of the curricular elements associated with this work. Additionally, it is a valuable professional development experience for anyone desiring to update their knowledge base for studio and classroom application.

Volunteers and Working Groups

NATS extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to those who helped created these resources. View volunteers.

How to Use These Resources

Before accessing the resources below, NATS encourages its members to first read “A Brief History of the NATS Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy Initiative,” (first downloadable item, below)  in order to understand the genesis of these resources as truly crowd-sourced. As such, these resources are not considered definitive, but rather, living documents that will develop with input from both current and future NATS members. 

Downloadable Resources

A Brief History of the NATS Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy Initiative

Syllabi for teaching Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy courses

Science-Informed Resources List: Textbooks, Articles and Multimedia

Terminology and Definitions for Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy

Supplementary Educational Programs for Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy

Rationale Document for Institutional Support (coming soon); see alsoA Brief History of the NATS Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy Initiative

NATS Voice Pedagogy Survey Results (Fall, 2021)

Repertoire Suggestions (coming soon)

Ethics and Professional Conduct (coming soon); see alsoDay by Day 1 semester Course Plan, Multiple Suggested Resources by Topic” 

Mentorship and Career Development (coming soon)