The NATS Endowment

Funding the Future

We are teachers, and teachers believe in the future. When you contribute to a fund in the NATS Endowment, you are shaping the future by ensuring consistent support for programs that are most important to you. Your gift is immediately invested and produces annual income to support the fund’s purpose. Taken together with the rest of the NATS Endowment, your investment represents financial strength for our shared agenda.

A list of current funds that you may contribute to is found here. If you wish to establish a new fund please contact Bob Bryan, Development Director.

Providing support to the voice professional

Providing funding for the NATS Artist Awards

  • Edward Baird-Bruce Lunkley Award Fund*
  • Orville Borchers Award Fund*
  • James Browning and Dorothy Kirsten Award Fund*
  • Irvin Bushman Award Fund*
  • Lee Cass Award Fund*
  • Irma Cooper Award Fund*
  • Todd Duncan Award Fund*
  • Annemarie Gerts Award Fund*
  • Ruth & Robert Grooters Award Fund*
  • Louis Nicholas Award Fund*
  • Oklahoma Memorial Teachers Fund*
  • Herald Stark Award Fund*
  • Bernard Taylor Award Fund*
  • Karl Trump Award Fund*
  • William Vennard Award Fund*
  • Mary Wolfman Award Fund*
  • NATS West Central Region Award Fund*

Providing funding for the National Musical Theatre Competition

  • Bill Hayes Fund*
  • National Musical Theatre Competition Endowment

Providing funding for speakers at NATS Conferences and Workshops

  • Shirlee Emmons/Berton Coffin Fund*

Providing support to students of NATS Teachers

  • The NATS NSA Scholarship Endowment
  • Susan Randolph Braden Memorial Endowment

Providing support for the NATS Intern Program

  • William “Bill” Vessels Endowment
  • James McKinney Fund*
  • Barbara Doscher Fund*
  • NATS Intern Program Grants: Established by the 2021 Master Teachers
  • Clifton Ware Group-Voice Pedagogy Award

Providing general support for NATS Programs

  • Geraldine Cate Fund*
  • Roy Delp Fund*
  • Jean Westerman Gregg Fund*
  • Paul Kiesgen Fund*
  • Alpha Mayfield Fund*
  • Kenneth Pennington Fund*
  • Harvey Ringel Fund*
  • Circle of Friends - NATS General Support Fund*

Region and Chapter Funds

Regions and chapters may establish funds and endowments for specified purposes or for unrestricted support of their programs and activities. These funds are managed by the NATS Endowment, and the proceeds are directed by the chapter or region that established the fund.

The NATS Foundation Heritage Fund

The Heritage Fund honors the legacy of the NATS Foundation which merged with NATS Inc. in 2021. Created in 1976, the NATS Foundation generated assistance to aspiring and talented singers and teachers through the development and management of various endowment funds used to provide prize money for the NATS Artist Awards Competition for Singers (NATSAA) and the National Musical Theatre Competition (NMTC). The Foundation also co-sponsored the Van L. Lawrence Fellowship. Those funds are preserved today in the NATS Endowment and continue to be used for their established purposes. Interest from the Heritage Fund also helps finance innovative programs such as the NATS Intern Program, the NATS Emerging Leaders Award, and the Voice Pedagogy Award.

*Named funds that originated with the Foundation Heritage Fund are starred in the list above.