The National Association of Teachers of Singing communicates with its members through a variety of electronic newsletters. Below are details on each. 


Intermezzo is a free, weekly e-newsletter from NATS. Subscribers stay up-to-date with the latest NATS announcements, upcoming events, and relevant news clips for the singing profession. Intermezzo is a collection of today's top stories, gathered from sources like the Associated Press, New York Times, NPR and other leading industry publications.

Curated by NATS and published by Multiview, Intermezzo reaches the inboxes of voices teachers and singing industry pros in the United States, Canada and more than 25 countries around the world.

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Inter Nos Newsletter

Inter Nos is a semiannual publication that is published in the spring and fall. The newsletter provides important information about the work of NATS to its members. A major feature of each Inter Nos is the "Independent Voices" section, which is focused on independent teachers. Each Inter Nos leads off with "Association Notes" from the executive director.

Issues of Inter Nos are delivered via e-mail to all members and archived in the "Member Home" section of

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Independent Voices

A key resource for studio voice professionals are the “Independent Voices” articles, which also appear in the Inter Nos e-newsletter. We invite you to read our recent articles, offering practical solutions for non-university, independent studios and inspiring success stories of our entrepreneurial members. 

Call for Submissions - "Independent Voices"
Short articles on relevant topics are being accepted for inclusion in the "Independent Voices" section of Inter Nos, as well as on this web page. Submissions should be sent by email to Cynthia Vaughn.

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Association Notes

Written by NATS Executive Director Allen Henderson, Association Notes is a bi-annual column chronicling the dynamics of the many facets that comprise the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Association Notes appears in every Inter Notes issue, and we've compiled an archive of past "Association Notes" articles.

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SNATS Newsletter

Student NATS regularly produces a national newsletter to share news and information from the various SNATS chapters around the country.

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