What's New > The NATS 54th National Conference has gone mobile, courtesy of Virtually Vocal

The NATS 54th National Conference has gone mobile, courtesy of Virtually Vocal

posted on 7:03 PM, June 26, 2016

When the 54th NATS National Conference begins in Chicago on July 7, attendees will be just a touch screen away from all of the information and excitement the event has to offer, courtesy of Virtually Vocal and Guidebook.

This year’s digital conference guide is downloadable to smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. It is designed to provide attendees with access to the most up-to-date information about conference schedules, maps, presenter bios, session descriptions, real-time messaging and so much much more. In addition, some events like the NATSAA and National Music Theater finals will feature real-time polling of attendees for their opinions of who ruled the night.

Social media access is also built in to Guidebook, meaning that attendees can easily connect with one another and post their reactions to all of the happenings as they occur on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Have an outstanding photo? It can be shared with attendees, too, just with a quick swipe of the screen. Presenter handouts and supplemental information will also be available through the app.

More than 95 percent of attendees at the 53rd National Conference in Boston downloaded and used the Guidebook app, enhancing their experience greatly and drew rave reviews.

“We are incredibly grateful to Virtually Vocal for making the addition of Guidebook possible in Chicago,” NATS Executive Director Allen Henderson said. “Guidebook offers quick and easy access to all of the important details, from presenter materials, to session descriptions, to quick and easy controls that allow engagement with other attendees. It really is a wonderful tool that will make the experience of attending our Chicago conference that much more special.”

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