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From The Executive Director: Achievement Program to undergo name change, remain oustanding resource for members

posted on 6:48 PM, April 26, 2013

As most of you know, this past year NATS was involved in the implementation of the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program, and we helped launch the new voice series entitled Resonance at the NATS National Conference last summer in Orlando. Carnegie Hall and The Royal Conservatory announced this week that Carnegie Hall will be focusing on other initiatives in the future and that The Royal Conservatory will be solely responsible for the program moving forward. In addition, the program will be rebranded without the Carnegie Hall name.

While we wish Carnegie Hall the best in its future endeavors, the reality for NATS and its members is that this branding change will have no effect on the overall program.

While the covers on some of the published materials may change, no changes in the materials introduced this summer for the voice series will take place and any materials you already are using will be fully compatible moving forward. The primary involvement of NATS staff and members who were asked to assist in the development of the Resonance Series was with RCM and Frederick Harris staff, and we have every confidence that minus the Carnegie Hall name, the program will continue to be a valuable tool for singers and teachers in America for the foreseeable future.

Several of our NATS chapters and regions have introduced this program to members this year, and we are excited about the reception it has received among the membership. Ultimately, NATS' involvement has been and will continue to be based on providing the very best resources and programming for voice teachers and their students and supporting the development of national standards against which all students can be measured.

As NATS is an important partner in this initiative, I have been assured that NATS will be kept well informed during this transition phase so that we can pass along the most accurate information to our members who are using the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program in their studios. Please feel free to contact the NATS office if you have questions about the program or this change.

You may also find the following FAQ helpful:  http://www.theachievementprogram.org/about-us/faq.


Allen Henderson
Executive Director, NATS