Live Stream events on Music Business Secrets for Singers - Setting Your Goals - Presenter: Dr. Greta Pope -

April 15, 2020



        About this Event:


        Join SAG AFTRA and NATS member Dr. Greta Pope of the for three dynamic Live Stream events on “Music Business Secrets for Singers.” You’ll learn about Networking, Goal Setting, Branding and so many other things that are essential to building a successful career. Learn to be a Business Savvy Singer with Dr. Greta Pope!


        Presenter: Dr. Greta Pope -


        Event I 4/ 8 Getting to Know You


        Event II 4/15 Setting Your Goals


        Event III 4/22 Putting it All Together


        3:00 Eastern/2:00 Central. All events are FREE!


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        The helps singers build financial stability for themselves and their families, reconnect with their passion and have a breakthrough in their work and relationships.


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