Special Edition NATS Chat: Returning to Singing post COVID: What we need to Know

August 12, 2020

Wednesday August 12, 8:30 EDT/5:30 PDT

As singers recover from being afflicted by COVID, those who work with singers must understand how to guide their return to singing. We must consider the impact on both the voice and respiratory systems as well as when to refer to a medical voice team for further evaluation. To lead the conversation, a group of panelists involved in the field of voice has been gathered. Some of the panelists have recovered from COVID and bring their own experience to the conversation as singers, teachers, or clinicians. Kari Ragan will be joined by Michael McElroy, recipient of the 2019 Tony Honors for Excellence and Tisch Drama Associate Arts Professor; David L. Young, M.D., singer and laryngologist at the Emory Voice Center; Andrew Lee, MS, CCC-SLP at the University of Washington Department of Otolaryngology; and Cate Frazier-Neely, independent voice teacher/singing voice specialist. Join us at youtube.com/officialnats for this webinar.