Summer Program Auditions (SPA) Application Deadline

February 1, 2021

NATS is finding ways to assist singers in locating and auditioning for summer programs and young artist programs. The first National NATS Summer Program Auditions (SPA), a unified summer program audition opportunity, has been created. This virtual event allows singers to submit their application and video auditions in one place to be considered for multiple programs! Interested students pay one $20 fee* to submit to their participating programs of choice. (*Some programs require additional fees. See listings.)

All participating singers also are automatically considered for one of several “Dillard Scholar Awards” in memory and honor of our late NATS president Jane Dillard. These awards are intended as scholarship monies toward costs associated with attendance at one of the participating summer programs or young artist programs. 

Applications open December 1, 2020. Programs will begin looking at materials by mid-January. No additional applications will be accepted after February 1, 2021. NATS teachers and singers with questions should contact Serena Hill LaRoche. Information about registering for the National NATS Summer Program Auditions is available in the links below.


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