NATS Chat - Planning for and Managing Vocal Fatigue

March 14, 2021

Co-sponsored by The Voice Foundation
Co-host: Peggy Baroody
Guests: Mary Sandage, PhD., CCC-SLP and Aaron Johnson, M.M., PhD., CCC-SLP
Topic: Planning for and Managing Vocal Fatigue
Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 7:00 PM EDT/4:00 PM PDT

In the applied exercise physiology world, vocal fatigue may be mitigated through a targeted training approach, as is done with athletes. Training up-regulates fatigue resistant and rapid recovery mechanisms in other systems in the body. The extent to which this may apply to the singing voice is not well studied to date, but it is a direction that we should consider. Planning for and managing vocal fatigue is a particularly important concern for vocalists who train and perform daily.