March 3 - 14, 2021


To access the audition website, visit www.nats.org and sign into “Member Home”. Once you’ve logged in, click on the link “NATS Audition Registration” and choose the 2021 Eastern Region Student Auditions. More detailed instructions will be sent out prior to the beginning of the registration period.


  • February 12– Registration deadline. All student/teacher registrations must be completed by this date, along with submission of online payment. The repertoire information for each student should also be entered; however, video links may be added until February 26.
  • February 26 – Video submission deadline. All video links must be uploaded in Auditionware. Be sure to indicate which song will be used for the Final Recital should the student advance to that round.
  • March 4-7 – Preliminary Round. Judges will be assigned as usual. Each teacher who has entered students must be available to judge unless a Judging Waiver fee has been paid. Each judge will view the videos for each student in the category to which the judge is assigned and submit comments online. All judging for this round must be completed by 1:00p.m. on March 7. The top 5 scores in each category will advance to the Finals Round.
  • March 8-9 – Semi-final/Runoffs (if necessary). If a category has a large number of students who might be eligible to advance or, if a category was split in the Preliminary Round, a semi-final round or runoff may be necessary. Judges who are assigned to this round must have the judging and comments completed by end of day March 9.
  • March 10-12 – Final Round. Guest judges will be asked to adjudicate the Finals Round in all categories. Judging for this round must be completed by end of day March 12.
  • March 12 (7:00-9:00p.m.) TBD– Eastern Region Business Meeting & Conference Honoree Ceremony.
  • March 13, (10:00a.m.- 8:00p.m.) TBD– A detailed Calendar of Conference Events (workshops, presentations, lectures, guest recitals etc.) to follow. Stay tuned!
  • March 14, TBD – Final Recital and Awards Presentation. The Final Recital will be broadcast via YouTube Premiere. One song (indicated during registration) for each student who advanced to the Final Round will be broadcast. Winners will be announced during the broadcast.
  • End of April (TBD) – Deadline for application to National Student Auditions. Each student eligible for entry into the National Student Auditions will be emailed with information about how to apply. This email will come directly from the National Office of NATS.

Auditions Co-Chairs: Debra Field & Stephen Ng
Technology Support Team: Hope Hudson & Holly Bewlay

Conference Host Institution: West Virginia University
Conference Hosts: Hope Koehler & William Koehler

Eastern Region Governor/Coordinator: Mario E. Martinez


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