Deadline To Submit Suggestions For Nominees For The National Offices

March 22, 2021

NATS National Office: Suggest Nominees

Due by Monday, March 22, 2021

NATS is fortunate for the legacy of excellent national leadership that shapes the direction of our professional association. As a NATS member you are invited to submit suggestions for nominees for the national offices that will be filled as of July 2022.

The open offices may include:

Vice President for Membership
Vice President for Workshops
Vice President for Auditions
Vice President for Outreach

Click here for NATS Bylaws Article X: Section 1 - 8 about Association Officers.

The NATS National Nominating Committee, Karen Brunssen (Past President, Chair), Julie Krugman, Richard Weidlich, Albert Lee, Dana Lentini, Mark Kano, Yvonne Gonzales Redman, and Daniel Hunter-Holly, will recommend candidates for open national offices. The slate will receive approval at the 2021 NATS Board of Directors summer meeting. All NATS members receive an official ballot in Fall 2021 to cast their official votes.

Our Mission
To advance excellence in singing through teaching, performance, scholarship, and research

Our Values

  • Support voice professionals within the studio, classroom, clinic, and performance venue.
  • Provide committed leadership to achieve our mission and vision.
  • Advance ethical principles and practice in our profession.
  • Celebrate and recognize the value and efforts of all.
  • Encourage individual skills and creativity.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Statement
NATS strives to be a welcoming and supportive community of members and students who celebrate the unique identities, varied backgrounds, and experiences of all individuals. We are dedicated to ensuring that all voices are valued and heard in an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all. 

Click here for National Officer Nomination Form.