New England Region Online Student Auditions

March 22 - 28, 2021

2021 NATS New England Regional Student Auditions

As in previous years the 2021 Regional Auditions are ONLINE!



2021 Registration Open

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Every year The National Association of Teachers of Singing conducts online National Student Auditions. The first step for students wishing to qualify for these auditions is to place in the top-5 for their age Category in their Region. In order to facilitate this process, the New England Region holds online Student Auditions every year. All NATS Members in the New England Region are eligible to submit their students for this opportunity! Your students will receive Judges feedback on all of their video submissions - this is a great opportunity to discuss vocal growth with your students whether they make it to the National Round or not!


For 2021 the New England Regional Auditions will include the following NEW Categories. These Categories ARE NOT currently offered at the National Level - so any winners in these new categories will NOT progress to the National Online Student Auditions. HOWEVER - they will receive feedback from Regional Judges and will receive cash awards for 1st place finishers.
NEW in 2021:
  • Juniors Musical Theater, Juniors Classical & Juniors Jazz & CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music). Age range for Juniors is 10 years old through 8th Grade. All Voice Types are included in this category.
  • High School Jazz & CCM. All High School Student of all Voice Types are included in this category.
  • College Jazz & CCM. All Undergraduate (or undergraduate age) Students of all Voice Types are included in this category


Important Information:

  • ​NEW IN 2021 ANY TEACHER WHO SUBMITS STUDENTS TO THE REGIONAL AUDITIONS MUST ALSO SERVE AS A JUDGE FOR ONE OF THE AUDITION CATEGORIES. Teachers will only adjudicate in categories in which they have NOT submitted students. Judging will take place from March 5 - 19, 2021 with the possibility of Semi-Finalist Judging from March 22-26, 2021. The top-5 Finalists in each Category will be announced via a Facebook Live Announcement on Sunday, March 28.
  • Deadline for New England Region Online Submissions: March 1, 2021 (results by April 1, 2021)
  • Video Guidelines
  • Ages, Categories & Repertoire Requirements
  • What will Judges be evaluating?: Classical - Musical Theater​ - Jazz & CCM
  • Do students HAVE to place or participate in their local Chapter Auditions in order to participate in the New England Regional Auditions: NO! All are welcome!
  • Who can register?
    • ​Students of NATS Members from the Canadian Atlantic Provinces, Maine, Granite States, Boston, Connecticut & Rhode Island Chapters of NATS as well as ALL New England Region NATS Members.
    • If you are a TEACHER in the New England Region but have online students from outside the Region, you CAN submit them to participate in the New England Regional Auditions!
  • ​How do I register?​
    • Teachers may register their students or students may register themselves 
    • ​Follow this link to the Google Registration Form - once registration is complete return to this page to make the low payment of $10 per category. Registration is not complete until payment is received.​
  • Why register?
    • Participation in the New England Regional Student Auditions is the first step in the process to be considered for the 2021 National NATS Student Auditions for most Categories. Participation in the National Student Auditions is a great honor and a fun opportunity to network with other singers from around the Nation!
    • ​You will receive constructive feedback from teachers about your singing and performing. It is always good to hear from more than just your primary teacher about the things you can improve upon as well as to hear that you are on the right track!
    • AWARDS! The 1st place finisher in the New England Regional Student Auditions in every category will receive a financial award. The amount is dependent on the number of registrants and will be announced along with the winners.


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