February 19 NATS Chat - Embodied Thought - Movement to Free the Voice

7:00 AM, February 19, 2023

Frank Ragsdale Matthew Hoch 
Elizabeth Blades Marieke Schuurs

Embodied Thought - Movement to Free the Voice
Featuring Frank Ragsdale, Matthew Hoch, Elizabeth Blades, and Marieke Schuurs

The February NATS Chat will host a panel of singing teachers to discuss the application of various kinesthetic modalities to voice pedagogy. Elizabeth Blades, coauthor of “Singing with Your Whole Self: A Singer’s Guide to Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement,” will represent the Feldenkrais Method; Frank Ragsdale will discuss Laban movement analysis (LMA); Marieke Schuurs is a certified Alexander Technique teacher; and Matthew Hoch is the editor of “So You Want to Sing with Awareness: A Guide for Performers.” The panel will engage in discussion on the use of these methods in studio, classroom, and performance situations and welcomes questions and interaction with NATS Chat participants.

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