Mid-South Region Virtual Student Auditions

March 8, 2024

Our 2024 Mid-South Regional NATS Auditions registration is now open!  We are so looking forward to making this as wonderful an event as we can virtually for you and our students!   Registration and payment is made only via AuditionNow (the new NATS platform replacing AuditionWare).  As we have done previously, teachers will be required to list their students' repertoire at registration.  Once registration closes, your repertoire will be vetted by a cohort of NATS members to ensure it aligns with national standards and requirements.  You will have the opportunity to upload videos for an additional week – through March 14 – but we ask for the repertoire to be solidified by the close of registration.

When you are logged in on nats.org, go to your Member Home.  Scroll down and click on the blue button AUDITION NOW.  (I’ve attached an image of what this looks like on your page.)  That will take you into the AuditionNow portal.  Be sure that you choose MID-SOUTH as your LOCATION - change it, if necessary from Tennessee, Kentucky, Memphis, as appropriate.  Also, set your ROLE to TEACHER.  Under that, you should see REGISTER FOR EVENT on the left and then choose, Spring 2024 Mid-South NATS Regional Auditions.  Then you are in the Registration process.

Notice all the categories that are open now that align with Nationals and those things that we offer here in our region – including Children/Youth categories, Commercial Music, Hall Johnson (since this is a National Convention year), and, of course, Classical and Musical Theatre.  One new note that is specific to AuditionNow, if you have a 4th or 5th year undergraduate student registering, make sure you select 4th or 5th year of study NOT IN A GRAD PROGRAM.  If you choose 4th or 5th year the system assumes they’ve graduated and will only bring up advanced categories.

Registration is now open as of today, Friday, February 23 and will close on Friday, March 8 at 11:59 p.m. Please be sure to register in a timely fashion; once registration closes it does not reopen. The Finals Round Concert will air on YouTube on Saturday, March 30th and I will e-mail that link as soon as I have it ready.

Any questions regarding the appropriateness of repertoire should be directed to Jeff Williams.

The schedule of this audition process will be as follows:

Friday, February 23rd  – Registration opens
Friday, March 8th – Registration closes at 11:59pm
Saturday, March 9th – cohort of Mid-South NATS Exec board members begins the repertoire and video vetting process ensuring everything is uploaded correctly and corresponds to the repertoire information for that student (if we come across an issue, you will be notified immediately giving you the opportunity to fix it by Wednesday, March 13
Thursday, March 14th  – Video link deadline, ends at 11:59pm 
Friday, March 15th  – teacher adjudication begins for the Preliminary Round (typical adjudication with feedback and score)
Friday, March 22nd  – teacher adjudication ends for the Preliminary Round
Saturday, March 23rd – teacher adjudication begins for the Finals Round (ranking only)
Wednesday, March 27th – teacher adjudication ends for the Finals Round
Thursday, March 28th – results of Auditions will be e-mailed to all Mid-South NATS members
Saturday, March 30th – Finals Round “Concert” (with video of students Finals Round repertoire selection) will air on YouTube.  YouTube link will be provided by Jeff Williams as soon as it is ready to go.

Regional Governor


Jeffrey Williams