Intermountain Region Student Auditions

February 25, 2022

Entry is open to students of NATS members in the Intermountain Region.  Although our region does not require placing at the Chapter level as a prerequisite for participation in the Intermountain Regional NSAs, teachers are strongly encouraged to vet their students before submitting them for this national competition.

The Intermountain Regional NSA is by YouTube videos only, submitted via AuditionWare; there is no live adjudication for the regional level.  Entries are adjudicated by teachers from the region; teachers will not adjudicate their own students but all teachers who enter students are expected to assist with the adjudications.  Adjudicators may advance 5 singers from each category (1-14) to the National Preliminary Round which also takes place via video submission.  

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Intermountain Region

Alberta, Idaho, Montana, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington

Regional Governor


Cynthia Vaughn