National Summer Program Auditions Enrollment Deadline

October 15, 2023

Summer Program Auditions Enrollment

NATS is pleased to continue the National Summer Program Audition (SPA) online. This is a consolidated audition, giving singers the opportunity to be seen by various programs with one application and set of audition materials.

Benefits for participating programs

  • Access to US and international singers who study with NATS members.
  • Advertise your program’s participation in the auditions on NATS websites and social media, and via emails to NATS members.
  • Complimentary collection of all audition materials, which program representatives will be able to access online.
  • No charge for programs to participate in SPA.

Students will register and upload resumes, headshots, and links to audition videos. Singers will select programs they are interested in and that are appropriate for them. Their materials will be made available to the selected programs.

Requirements for participating programs

  • Participating programs will treat this audition as the final audition for those who apply via the NATS SPA, not a prescreening. In other words, students should not be asked to submit additional audition selections. Programs may contact them for more information if pertinent details are missing from their resume.
  • Participating programs will not charge an additional audition fee. NATS asks if possible that participating programs also waive any application fees.
  • Participating programs will notify all SPA applicants of their acceptance or rejection by the date specified on the registration form.
  • Participating program representatives will respect the privacy of applicants and not share application materials or contact information outside of the participating organization.

Join SPA

To participate in this audition opportunity, please fill out and submit the form by October 15, 2023.

Enrollment for SPA