ICVT 2017

August 2 - 6, 2017

‘The Future of Singing’  International Congress of Voice Teachers 2017 (ICVT 9) to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, August 2-6, 2017. 

The conference venue is the newly-built Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and the programme includes seminars and master-classes by global names in voice teaching and singing.

 The theme of the congress, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, is "The Future of Singing. Tradition and Science in Harmony". This will be the ninth time the ICVT is arranged and the first time in Sweden. The congress is hosted by the Swedish Association of Singing Teachers and Voice Therapists SSTPF, internationally known as VoTS, Voice Teachers of Sweden, which is one of the world's oldest associations of voice teachers, founded in 1933.

 ICVT2017 will offer an extensive programme of workshops, master-classes, lectures and concerts. Among the keynote presenters are such names as voice teachers and pedagogues Janice Chapman, Monica Groop, Håkan Hagegård, Helena Jonason, David Jones, Barbro Marklund, Aija Puurtinen, George Shirley and Bo Skovhus, choir pedagogue and conductor André de Quadros, historian and dramatist Stefan Johansson, plus scholars and academic researchers Dr. Matthias Echternach, Professor Johan Sundberg and Professor Sten Ternström.

 CONTACT: Ann-Christine Wilund, President SSTPF, tel. +46-70-746 73 82, e-mail: ann-christine@wilund.net

 WEB PAGE: web: www.icvt2017.com

 ICVT, International Congress of Voice Teachers, has previously been held in Strasbourg in 1987, Philadelphia, 1991, Auckland, 1994, London 1997, Helsinki 2001, Vancouver 2005, Paris 2009 and Brisbane 2013. The organization is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

 The Swedish Association of Singing Teachers and Speech Therapists, SSTPF, was founded in January 1933 and today has about 200 members throughout the country. SSTPF aims to promote and develop the art of song and speech, as well as maintaining high standards of quality and contributing to the further education of its members. The association is represented in international organizations such as the IMC (International Music Council) and EVTA (European Voice Teachers Association).